I ride a bike; I ride road & mountain in Halifax, NS.

Ahhh… There was supposed to be an embed of my ride here lol. Turns out WordPress doesn’t support iframe? Damn. Maybe I need a new bike blog.

long story short I put in just over 30 Km.

I ride a bike; I ride road & mountain. How about you?

See below; a few pics from my ride.



The City of Halifax has been doing a lot of work on one of the recreational trails. Two reasons why, the city is growing and they are putting a large water main under the trail. But… They are also improving the trail, making it wider and laying down a new paved surface. This is a great piece of trail and runs all the out to Mahone Bay. The Above picture gives you an idea of what trail conditions are like up there right now. The trail is closed I believe but on my way by a friendly construction worker denied seeing me and I went about my ride 🙂 They were all finished for the day…


Above; A roadblock lol, not at the beginning of the trail or at the end of the trail but pretty much right in the middle. So add a tiny bit of hiking to my fitness regiment.


I was 100% sure this container is either a construction grade porta-potty or storage for explosives. Explosives cause there was detonation cord laying all over the place on the trail. But the door was open. Turns out it was nothing. Just a container in the middle of nowhere with some scraps of construction material.



Above; Lastly I met this little guy on my way home. I soo rarely see snakes around here and he was moving a bit slow. I think cause it was a bit chilly today. I stuck around to make sure he got across the road fine 🙂 Healthy looking.

All in all a great ride, I hope to have many more like it. I rolled out the red carpet on padded shorts, it really makes the world of difference. This ride was on my commuter bike but I am hoping to soon get back on the road bike and put in some distance. Lots of places in NS I wanna see and I’d love to ride out to my Dads sometime. Its 116 Km, pretty sure I can get that in this summer. Wish me luck. And… I need to look into the mountain biking community here, get out and make some friends!

If your a cyclist and live in the Halifax area, And happen upon this blog entry… Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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