off the WoW and onto the GW2


Guild Wars 2 and my new time buster…

Upon my last budget review and the complete lack of crew to roll with in the World of Warcraft pre-expansion blues I’ve opted to go back to Guild Wars 2. I know a friend that is playing and the community seems to be pretty friendly. I have to say also, the graphics are fucking amazing compared to the ten year old engine WoW is using. There are a lot of things I really like about Guild Wars 2; I love the discovery system and the daily/monthly progress tracking. I love the combat, mostly… I like that I don’t have a billion buttons & macros to bind, I like that when I swing my weapon it hits not just my target but everything standing in the way. I like the dodge mechanic and the unique mix of skill builds a person can come up with. I also really like the crafting system and that crafting contributes to your overall experience.

What I don’t like; Telegraphing and the glass cannon effect. The dodge mechanic is cool, it looks cool (if your a thief) and adds a unique element to combat. The problem… Its really hard to tell what to dodge, the telegraphing is very poor. For those of you not familiar with telegraphing, this is a movement or signal in posture ie; bear stands on its hind legs before swiping you. Or a giant raises his foot before he stomps on you. GW2 fails a little here, there is a telegraph but you need to have the reflexes of a mongoose to recognize the que and take action. On top of this frustrating lack of obvious telegraphing you then add the “glass cannon” situation and by glass cannon I mean all classes seem to have roughly the same level of toughness but huge disparity in damage output. It doesn’t matter if your a Warrior, Guardian, Ranger or Thief. If you miss the near impossible to acknowledge telegraph and you take a hit, its a critical hit every time. You might be able to take a strike or two if your lucky. I feel if your a Warrior, you should be able to take some heat. You may be slower and lack subtle moves but while your slowly hacking your way through the enemy you should be able to sustain a few strikes. But everything cuts through your plate armor like a hot knife through butter.

Next; I am disappointed there are no mounts in this game! WTF is up with that? You have a collection of clearly advanced civilizations, capable of creating teleporting devices. Wielding bows, pistols, rifles ect. and the profession of Engineer and you can’t figure out how to tame and ride the local wildlife? Not only does it suck, but it seems improbable. Not to mention that Mounts don’t only serve the purpose of transportation, they are a symbol of status, progress. An acquisition to be shown off to your friends and bystanders that you are in fact a badass.

The one major perk tho that trumps all… Free to Play; No Subscription Fee! Ya buy the game and that’s it. You buy and you play. It looks great, the skill lvl required to play makes it engaging and they are continually upgrading content/changing the game environment to fit a dynamic story line and that is pretty damn cool. I like that when I save a village it stays saved and the scenario progresses to the next series of events. Ya its a bit glitchy, ya there are no mounts, ya you have to put up with no matter what your skill level your gonna get taken down by even a mosquito (And there are legit badass mosquitoes in game). But I am ok with that. To play for free.

Lastly, I am not the MMO Junky I used to be. I am gone outta the house all day, from 8 Am (and now that I work for the QEII) to 9 Pm and I game for maybe at the most an hour just to unplug my brain and unwind before I call it a night. Not enough to justify paying a sub anymore. The sub was not burdensome, but I don’t miss paying it. No matter how little it is, its money outta my pocket I’d rather not part with.

If any GW2 Players happen across this entry feel free to leave a comment, I am on Jade Quarry. Thief, Asura. Name; Psylent Night.



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