explore Dartmouth by recovery_channel at Garmin Connect – Details

explore Dartmouth by recovery_channel at Garmin Connect – Details.

Found out I can share my rides from garminconnect.com, sucks that I can’t share from Strava but meh. WordPress says they are blocking iframes for security reasons and I love to feel secure. Soo, last week I went for a ride on my Quick CX, for those of you not familiar with this model of bike here is a picture;


It is a hybrid. I use it for commuting, training and testing the water on new routes. I affectionately refer to her as “the battleaxe”. And I love her, I’ve had her for about 5 Yrs now and she has tens of thousands of km of wear and tear, never stops giving though 🙂

As I was saying, I am getting back in the saddle and I went for a benchmark testing ride last week. Put in 30 Km at an Avg Spd of 15 Kmph and it went really well, wasn’t a challenge at all so I decided to step it up a little. My target goal this ride was 60 Km and Avg Spd of 20 Kmph. I was soo close to my mark, I met the distance no problem @ 64 Km roughly but I fell just under 20 Kmph, I landed a 19.7 Kmph Avg. I feel like being a little gentle on myself tho cause most of the terrain was this crushed gravel, see pic below;


This small stuff is not so hard to ride on but @ about 20% through the ride it starts to turn into marble sized crushed rock, makes for tough handling with the street tires difficult to push through and I am pretty sure the vibration took out all the stuffing in a brand new pair of gloves. I can still feel the vibration and hear the hollow thundering sound of riding 50 Km on this stuff lol. I was gonna stop and take a pic of the other stuff but if I dropped below 15 Kmph the bugs would start to eat me alive.

I was lucky enough to stop and get some pics of the landscape, here are a few of the sights. Enjoy! oh I decided to play around with the panorama feature on my phone, FUN as HELL! Enjoy!

wpid-pano_20140711_193920.jpg wpid-pano_20140711_194127.jpg wpid-img_20140711_194251.jpg wpid-img_20140711_194833.jpg wpid-img_20140711_195001.jpg wpid-img_20140711_195037.jpg wpid-pano_20140711_211042.jpg wpid-pano_20140711_211657.jpg



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