have my cake & EAT IT TOO! Alcohol & Dairy free mee.


Alcohol free since two, zero, one, three. Just a little over one year ago I decided to stop drinking for a number of reasons. The primary reason being, alcohol and my meds don’t play well together 😛 Found that one out the hard way. I’m on the other side of it now and it has opened up my eyes and taste buds to a whole new world. There is a huge market for the sober consumer to explore.

above photo; two of my pleasures in life I once thought I’d never enjoy together. The wine is de-alcoholized by Carl Jung, it is a red but they also make a white (I’ve not tried the white). The chocolate is something I have never been able to really enjoy in life. I’ve had a dairy allergy my entire life but what I didn’t know about chocolate is that the more pure you go the less trash there is in it. IE; Milk products. I mean it makes sense, all things typically contain less trash the higher ya push the purity. I am taking the President’s Choice for a test drive but I prefer Lindt 85% Dark. And CHEAP! Wine & beer come in @ 50% less dime than their alcoholized brothers & sisters. Plus you can subtract the hangover, embarrassing moments of public nudity and waking up in strange places. Most of the products discretely advertise that they are alcohol free in some little hidden corner of the label or even on the back. I’ve never been picked outta a party for drinking the near beer. Although I have witnessed a person get a buzz on, after drinking my beer lol. Inevitably they asked what the percentage was cause it hits like a truck. It is about 0% Alcohol and 99.4% imagination 😉

Thanks for reading and if anyone who is also alcohol free/dairy free has product recommendations, please comment away.


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