The Great Canadian Giant Leopard Painted Street Slug :| ?


At least that’s what I am calling it lol. That chocolate bar package is just a tiny bit over 7 Inches long, I measured it 😉 You can’t tell me you have never measured your packages before. Jokes aside that makes this little big guy about 5 – 6 Inces in length. I scared him a little with the close proximity of my large chocolate bar so he clenched up a bit but still for a slug. This is the first time I have ever seen one this large in our part of the world. He almost the length of a small snake. Comparative to our small snake population witch is only like three different species… I often help creatures stranded on the sidewalk finish their journey from one side to the other speedily but this one was not crossing lol he or she maybe was walking the sidewalk like a boss. In the opposite direction of me. It was also late and quiet, not a lot of traffic. Figured why disturb it 🙂


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