MTB Bike is mint, I’mma jump this pimp stick 8\


This shit is about to hit the trail, got my lake loop all planed and loaded into my garmin. Had I been smart I would have charged my lights and hit the trail at night, probably no traffic. The local trail has a speed limit too 😦 20 Kph, WTF. I do 20 Kph in my sleep. I get the whole safety thing but I’ve been scope’n out some of the local trails and they have signs posted “bikes on the main gravel only” and what not. I want rocks, roots, stairs, ramps, tree stands, white knuckle descents and record shattering flats ya can really open it up on. Lay down some Strava KOM’s. I got a name to make for myself, a reputation to establish lol.

Now for the truth 😉 I’ve not been riding hardcore for almost a year 😦 I’ve been squeezing in a few 50 Km road rides here and there. My real passion tho is in the MTB and on the trail. The bike you see in the photo above is a 2008 Giant, trance advanced. Full Carbon, Shimano XTR/SRAM XO Drivetrain, full FOX Talas suspension and A SHITLOAD OF FUN! or AKA; Sexy in Black on my Strava profile 🙂 Love the paint job on this bike. I just love this bike in general lol. Need to dig out my FOX manual and figure out what the PSI should be. I think its 75 in front and 165 in the rear for my body weight.

Take a step into my shop 😛 below; this is where all the magic happens.


And I ummm, live here lol. Sorta. I mostly just sleep, write and fix stuff @ 1 Am in the morning. 1 Am is really the best time, all my best work takes place after midnight. I really like being a night owl but my day time functionality really suffers. I NEVER get up early enough to riding with those other superhuman morning freaks that are up and on the road/trail by 7, 8, 9 Am. I’m pretty dedicated to my cycling but if I have a choice, I’ll ride at night. 7, 8, 9 Pm.

Ya also gotta consider I just moved too. Well sort of, I moved Sept. 1st 😐

But a lot of this stuff is from pre Toronto, I’m kinda scared actually to look through it lol. There is a lot of memories buried in those boxes. Good memories though, memories of time past that I miss and I wish I could have it back. I’d make some different choices, but only better choices. Be a better Dad, be more responsible. Keep a promise I lapsed on. It is the past though and I did what I thought was best for the experience I had. And I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. Can’t put a dollar sign on that shit. Priceless.

Back to bike stuff; I had to get a little inventive when it came to remounting my garmin. They never give enough of those little rubber no slip jobby’s that ya put under the garmin mounting platform. I know every experience mechanic has probably rolled this improve solution, see below;




Cut from an old tube I had laying around. I ALWAYS hang onto a few spent tubes, and of course an exacto blade is a premium tool to have in your mix up. I prefer the jack knife made by MASTERCRAFT, blade locks open and there is just enough blade exposed to get the job done and not potentially cut off something important 😐 Learned that one the hard way, got some nice scars on my fingers and knuckles from things going slightly wrong. I gotta give garmin semi props on the amount of elastics/sizes they give you to mount with. There must be ten of each size in the bag provided with your first purchase.

I own the GARMIN 200, I bought the entry level crap and I have been nothing but impressed with this devices performance. see below;


This device has been dropped more times than I can count, and were not talking like from waist height. I’ve been in heavy brush and had it ripped off and tossed over a cliff. Easily a 20-30 ft tumble down the rocks. I’ve stepped on it more than once with my bike shoes. It’s been through 3 Bike on Car collisions, once it was dragged 15 Meters face down on the pavement. It’s been run over and lost in the river @ the Don Valley. It got ripped off as I went under a low hanging bridge next to the river. Its been through 2 Yrs of commuting in below 25 C weather and endured the heat of riding in the Toronto summers and never skipped a beat. I still get top battery performance outta it, the only complaint… The firmware fucks up occasionally, and it doesn’t come in red.

Other than that, would I recommend this device for a rider on a budget and needs something bulletproof. FUCK YES! Tracks speed, distance, elevation and your averages ect. No heart rate or cadence but who needs that. Go fast, if your heart doesn’t explode and your not running out of gears your probably doing it right.

I’ll be posting my ride schedule on and I just bought a new pair of MTB Shoes. I have no experience with the brand, so I’m gonna do a pre-ride write up, and post ride assessment. I am expecting good things. Let us hope I don’t get let down 🙂 I’m not gonna sleep at all tonight lol I am soo excited!

I think there may be a VLOG coming up soon. I’m doing my research and taking some film classes at the local library. It’s something I’ve been wanting to get into but I wanna do it right. That doesn’t mean I might just wing it lol. I find experience to be a much more exciting way to learn new skills 🙂 ENJOY!


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