I hear things; Who is Adam Butler?

above; This is the only clip of anything by Adam Butler I could find on youtube. I really have to say, I like the tune lol. I love the lyrics & the animations. Catchy and bit of a throwback sound. I found this video after google pointed me to this small label “sonig” … I love the first paragraph of this bio lol:

“At the age of 6, Adam Butler started his musical career with his first piano lessons. At the age of 13 he swapped the piano for the electric guitar. At the age of 20, after a night taking acid found him outside the local music shop at opening time, wanting to swap his guitar for a sampler. At the age of 24, ankle damage forced him to stop skateboarding, and he became Vert.”

I am on the hunt for some more of his music and no doubt it will sneak into the My Music Monday hit list. While prying into this mystery I stumbled upon more questions, it always happens. The burning questions now:

Who is Milky Boy, Noah 23, Noel Akchote & DJ Elephant Power?

If you don’t already know. Find out on “I hear things”, next week 🙂

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