Tuesday Night @ The Spot; Collaboration!


My first night back at The Spot kicked off with a full house. Great attendance, great check in. It was really nice to hear about what everyone was up to over the summer. Once things got rolling, the momentum was unstoppable. A lot of people showed up to jam, every nook was filled with the sound of music and bubbling voices.

The Art crew (Facilitators; Heather & Justin, Participant; Me) decided on a collaborative piece to start of the new season; see above photo. We have a new Art Facilitator, Justin (I am pretty sure I remembered that correctly) He is cool enough, talented and established a bit in the Halifax art scene. I am sure I’ll get to know more about him and his style as the season progresses.

I decided to jump right in. I started with some marker but then I just decided to get my hands dirty with some finger painting. I painted the far right side of this large panoramic piece. There are a few small contributions of mine throughout but the far right was my main focus. After laying down the marker I finger painted it in with Acrylic paints. The lines I use to justify the windows, building edges, sidewalk are painted with a six inch plastic ruler. I used it like a trowel.

below; close up of my time well spent at the spot, this photo has been modified a bit to comp for some lighting issues/shadows and reflection. It is still true to form but I bumped the color a little and reduced the contrast, vibrancy and shadows (Wish I knew more about this process, I’m learning). Enjoy!


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