My Hair and I try LUSH…


Ok, I was experimenting a bit with both my android photo editor and LUSH –  HAND MADE COSMETICS. The result was not 100% favorable either way lol. Soo fist off, the photo is posterized (okay, not a word apparently) for those of you not familiar with this term; “Print or display (a photograph or other image) using only a small number of different tones.” courtesy of

This photo is a little too posterized and I don’t care. I’m not going to edit it again, I got things to do. Now, as for my experience with LUSH Cosmetics. I tried out a number from their line of Dry Shampoo; NO DROUGHT. See above; over posterized photo for the results lol. It does not eliminate bedhead nor can it be used at in conjunction with other hair taming products. I tried, there is no picture for that cause it was horrible. The only solution for badass bedhead is to wash it out with legit shampoo or roll with it.

But my sleeping technique is too fucked to just roll with it. Ya see what happens is while sleeping I shimmy down to the foot of the bed, this maneuvers my hair into a fully upright position. I then proceed to twist around and around or sometimes I oscillate creating this Dairy Queen/McDonalds ice cream cone look. It really is frustrating, in the morning for like my tea run or the gym/cycling I just wear a hat over it.


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