Tuesday Night @ The Spot; I reduce, reuse, recycle!


Small group again this week for the Arts. Music was a large turn out and provided a pleasant audio landscape for creativity. We decided to primer our Art Supply Cabinet, white of course in preparation for the new Spot season. We typically make it a group project to repaint the large crate like structure on wheels. We try and reflect the artistic interests of the new and old creators, blending styles and imaginations.

This evening we only had enough primer to get a start on the cabinet. So Justin, Heather and I also took on some secondary projects. I decided to re purpose a canvas from last season. Nocturne is coming up and the subject matter for our installation is exotic creatures. Above; I title this “taste good, riding hood” it is painted in acrylics.

The paint was manipulated only by finger tip and wooden stick. I really didn’t have any idea what I was going to paint until I got a few colors down on the canvas. The underlying image was very abstract and had a art deco’ish feel. It reminded me of the 80’s lol. I made certain to leave some elements of it intact. What would be the fun in painting over it if I didn’t try to retain the hard work of the artist before me. The only thing better than one great painting… is two 😉


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