Tuesday Night @ The Spot; I paint “Skeletal Cat of Prey”



Above; Skeletal Cat of Prey – WORK IN PROGRESS

I reduce, reuse, recycle again 🙂 The base is a recycled sign, heavy cardboard. The paint is a mix of new and old including black ink. It is painted with a broken bike spoke and a small wooden trowel.

This is a work in progress, I have a few lines to define. Need to work out the bone structure in the tail. I might stencil it in, I really haven’t decided yet. The face will get it’s bone structure. Might go day of the dead sorta feel. I have a week to think about it. This piece I’m painting for the Connections Clubhouse Nocturne installation. I’ll likely have a few watercolor works ready to go also. I’m sticking with a theme of exotic breads that go bump in the night. Were getting close to Halloween and our subject matter is the Menagerie; “A strange or diverse collection of people or things.”

For my friends in Hali, maybe I’ll see you around at Nocturne. For those of you reading from abroad I’ll be posting the finished work next week. Thanks and Enjoy!



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