My outdoor adventures are moving!



I’ve decided to break off my outdoor adventures into their own blog. 

Why?; Its actually for a very simple reason. Support & Functionality… wordpress doesn’t support iframe embedding. My Garmin Connect and Strava use iframes.

I also use a lot of google apps, my phone is a Nexus/Android and I use it almost exclusively for my adventure photo shoots. All the photos auto backup to my google drive. Here for wordpress I have to upload everything manually, unless there is an auto upload function for Android to wordpress that I am not aware of. I bet there is. The truth is though, I don’t wanna use it even if there is one. It all uploads to my google drive. The End.

recovery_channel™ will be staying here on worpress cause well I like it here.

I have followers and though comparatively 100 Followers is not a huge number, I value every one of them. Thanks guys for following. I’m hoping to narrow the focus of the recovery_channel™ blog to Life & Arts (little less life, little more art) Please check out my other blog, follow if your a google geeker and as always… Thanks for reading and Thanks for following.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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