blast from the past; Starting Over

One Day in 2010;

“Today I spoke to someone about myself and it felt good. I remember the feeling of what its like to be who I am and only me.

I am now sitting in soon to be my new neighborhood have’n a pint. In a way its nice and reminds me of how life used to be.”

note; I can’t count how many times I’ve “Started Over” in life. I’ve been mulling about doing really nothing of any consequence and saying to myself… We’ll start over at age 21 or age 25 ect. One major life changing event after another I’d promise myself progress. Well the truth I’ve found about progress is that it happens one day at a time. Its not possible to measure it by a single huge milestone that satisfies all of your needs for self actualization. It takes many small goals, realized and accomplished to add up to one large life altering change for the good. Catastrophe can strike anyone at anytime, but to rise above it that takes planning, cooperation. It takes hard personal labor of body and mind to achieve.

The above entry was taken from a small handheld journal. I found it at my Dad’s while unpacking some things I stowed away before moving to Toronto. I wrote this entry shortly after a breakup. I was experiencing being single again, identifying as only I. In a sense I felt like I was reclaiming my identity.

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