Doodle of the Day; broomstick Unicorn



Above; A quick doodle while chit chatting at The Spot. I was just kinda mindlessly scribbling, milking the markers for every bit of color they had left. I was relating my experience at NSCAD with Heather (my employment counsellor at Connections). Earlier in the evening I met a student, Aurélie and toured the Jewelry classroom. I gotta say, AMAZING. Aurélie was amazing, she answered every one of my 101 questions. I really think its a program that would be practical and enjoyable. Haven’t decided if its exactly what I am looking for. I have an appointment with Admissions on the 25th soo maybe I’ll learn more.

If I had unlimited time and unlimited money, I’d be all over this program. Maybe I won’t even really know till I get into the thick of it. Get my hands on a medium or some tools that I really resonate with me and I can’t put down. The tour was an eye opener. I felt very much at home in the studio. Everyone was friendly. Oh and I got to see a silver ingot, an ingot that was poured right there in the shop. I was able to hold it. It was precious and a bit heavier than I expected. I was able to see some functional ware, objects and jewelry. It was really interesting to learn that the class was not really limited to wearable mainstream art. The students seemed to have reasonably free domain over their creative process and outcomes.


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