Its a New Year! My Music Monday; Glen Hansard – Drive All Night

2014 treated me well, I cannot complain at all. I met all of my recovery goals. Won my battles against “the man” and I’m rolling into 2015 with even higher expectations. With even more motivation to seize every moment life has to offer. Seize every moment and squeeze until I’ve extracted every last drop of potential.

Life is fragile and more than ever in the past year I’ve learned it can be snatched away in a moment. Living my own near death experience opened my eyes to the importance of making all the moments count.

Sometimes though we lose touch and all the moments collide into one single act of desperation. We can’t see the potential past the hopelessness. In 2014 I lost three people I care about to suicide and experienced an attempt by a person special to me Jan 2nd of 2015.

This year, when you are racking up the New Years resolutions… Make it a note to save a drop or two of potential, pay it forward where you can. You may be offering a glimmer of hope in a world where all the dark moments are raining down.

The song above was playing in the background while I placed my first 911 call of 2015. My first and hopefully last for this year.


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