I read my horoscopes at the End of the day.

BreakfastOfChampions(Vonnegut) Free Will Astrology – Jan 08 2015


In his novel Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut describes a character, Ned Lingamon, who “had a penis 800 miles long and 210 miles in diametre, but practically all of it was in the fourth dimension.” If there is any part of you that metaphorically resembles Lingamon, Aries, the coming months will be a favourable time to fix the problem. You finally have sufficient power and wisdom and feistiness to start expressing your latent capacities in practical ways…to manifest your hidden beauty in a tangible form…to bring your purely fourth-dimensional aspects all the way into the third dimension.

I couldn’t help but post about today’s horoscope from The Coast. Straight up right now I am blogging from the public library. I came straight here and tried to find the above mentioned book lol. They have it, but someone else is reading it. Maybe another Aries?

I never ever used to read my horoscope. I felt as though reading it in some way limited my ability to experience true free will. IE; If I were to read my horoscope each morning I would then be tainted by the power of suggestion. I feel as though it would change how I make decisions, bending my reality.

I was dating a woman recently and she read the horoscope every day. Any time of day. Witnessing her questioning decisions post read only reinforced this idea that she had lost out on the chaos of life and is subject to a kind of determinism.

My solution?; I collect my horoscopes from a number of different free public resources. Why more than one? Diversity. I want to be exposed to as many daily interpretations as possible. And for comparison. Are there similarities, divergences?

I don’t read them until the end of the day. It serves my curiosity but also allows me to reflect on the fork in the road. Examine where I turned left when the stars said turn right.

I’ve struck up an idea to collect a years worth of horoscopes and turn it into a piece of artwork with post horoscope commentary. This feels like something that will prompt me to leave the house each day with at least one task that is never wavering. It feels like I may be pleasantly surprised or dreadfully scared of what the year end brings. Only time will tell.

I have found so far that the process of collection has really exposed me to more local news. Just in the past week I’ve been adding venue after venue to my calender. Maybe this will lead to more public exposure? New people, new experiences.


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