I’ve been Portrayed! Ross W by Brenda Sabean

wpid-wp-1421434382535.jpegBrenda Sabean, local doodler/artist.

Upon arriving at Connections yesterday I took note of a small sketch on the cork board next to the coat room. At first I quickly overlooked it but while hanging my jacket I thought to myself… That guy looks familiar. My second inspection confirmed my suspicions. It looks familiar because it is a sketch of me 🙂

Left; Portrait of Ross W by Brenda S


wpid-img_20150116_145355.jpgI have been following Brenda’s work for awhile, just over a Yr. She is self taught and uses youtube as an aid. Her sketches are beautiful. And I have noticed Brenda really coming into her own style. You cannot mistake one of her works. I also have to give Brenda mad props cause she is a diligent artist on top of talented. She outproduces most artist I know. Easily she creates one ta three works a day.

Right; Selfie @ Connections Halifax



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