doodle of the day; Justice is a mute…

And she holds the scale of double standards by Ross W


I started this sketch while battling the Department of Community Services over funding for a bed (cause I was sleeping on the floor) … In an effort to deny my claim they found this dog was not about to just roll over. I fought back against the decision to deny and sought also an official apology. DCS suggested that I had abused funds earlier provided. This is a pretty serious accusation. That is the kinda accusation designed to scare you out of advocating for yourself. The fear is that you may lose access to your funding and resources if you continue to press the matter.

Over roughly a month, each time I spoke with a worker or left a message… The doodle you see above would grow and grow. Guided by my perspective on the system and iconic figures ie; Lady Justice, I groomed in some local landscaping and tadaa! A doodle.

side note;

It just soo happened today it was published in a local paper that the combined wealth of the top 1% richest people climbed from 44% to 48% in the latest world economic studies. This means the top 1% possess nearly the same amount of wealth as the rest of the world combined. Sick, just fucking sick… And all the while huge Corporations spend hundreds of millions lobbying for further tax cuts ect. And all the while our planet is ringing the bell loud and clear that Global Warming is real  and changes need to happen fast. I feel like all we do is roll backwards sometime. But then I see a youtube video of some guy risking his life to save a dog stranded in a flood and it makes me feel all better. FUCK THAT and your billion billion billion views. Jesus. 

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