A New Library? Pff, step into my office…


photo taken from http://www.dezeen.com



Welcome to the new Halifax Public Library

Located on Spring Garden Rd. in beautiful downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia this new library has been a buzz! Having been open for a few weeks now I have visited mos def more than half of the days in it’s new life to date. And I intend to continue visiting. This is possibly one of the most functional, inviting and inspiring spaces in Halifax right now. Its a room with a view and a whole lot more.

Step into my office;


photography by Ross W & recovery_channel™

I have to give mad props to the province and whoever else had a hand in designing this space. I find it very difficult to find inspiring spaces to work and I really really, really hate working at home. At home there are too many distractions. In coffee shops there are distractions & expectations that you’re going to also consume while you use. And thats fair, a business is a business. If I’m not consuming really I’m just taking up revenue generating space. What business wants that?  I’ve also tried using free spaces throughout the city ie; the YMCA or Connections and as most of my activities are entrepreneurial in nature it doesn’t really fit their mandate. They don’t often ask me to leave, but they do try and dissuade me from using the resources intended for different purposes.

As you can see in the photo above, taken from the third of four floors there is ample space to be found. I can spread out and the environment has just the right amount of chatter to be distracting in a good way but not overwhelming. There are wide open spaces to sit with friends or strangers and read/work but also they have worked in separate spaces. Hidden gems of comfort where you can work on your own undisturbed. And my favorite part, 120 Minutes of access to beautiful HP desktop computers with brilliant widescreen monitors. Simple log in with your library card. No assistance required, no clumsy more clumsy online booking system of the past. Just pure ease of use. So I take advantage of the situation, the space is there for me to use. I’m gonna use the heck outta it. It wasn’t put there just to look at although it is easy on the eyes.

Added Bonus; a massive, diverse supply of reference material. Priceless asset for an aspiring artist. I’m free to reference as much material as I like. I can spread it out, try my hand at new styles and mediums. This place has become the answer to my prayers. Thanks for getting this one right Halifax!



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