Art Battle + Connections = True Love!


Huge THANKS to Connections worker Elaine Salisbury & Art Battle coordinator Erin Olejnik for communicating and meeting the needs of the community!

Here at Connections many of the members including myself are not always in the most favorable financial position to enjoy the amenities we love.

I really really, REALLY wanted to go see 2015’s first Art Battle. Unfortunately an unforseen financial barrier was preventing me from attending. I and other persons that live well below the poverty line are vulnerable to even the smallest changes in our budgets. 10, 15 or 20 dollars might not seem like much but really it can sometimes mean the difference between eating for a week or making your rent.

Thankfully the Art Battle coordinators have in the past offered Connections members tickets to attend and my situation prompted me to ask if they would be willing to partner with us again. The outcome was more favorable that I expected! We have been provided four tickets for members to attend. This is really an amazing thing, it means I can enjoy this event with my closest friends. But even more so it says to me that the community cares. They recognize the positive impact of Connections members accessing public events. For myself personally it means that I can integrate with my neighborhood, my peers and as an artist build meaningful ties with persons active in local art events.

Huge Thanks again out to Elaine & Erin. You guys have made my YEAR!

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