ARTBATTLE #213 – What I see & What I think




The last time I attended an art battle it was hosted by The Bus Stop Theater. I love the location and honestly the bus stop theater did a really great job at making the venue visible to the public. Trying to find the venue at The Dalhousie Club was a bit obscure. The lighting around the club at University Ave.’s dead end is pretty lackluster. There was no sign outside the door that I could see to announce there is anything going on inside the dimly lit building. I gotta say once I stepped in the door though I was impressed. There is some great architecture, its warm and inviting with more than ample room to host the event. The Bus Stop Theater was a great host but if this event grew by even one more person it would easily exceed the limitations of the theatre’s intimate space.


Painters; Jack Ross, Danica Wells, Sarah Reicker & Unknown Artist



Danica Wells

Jack Ross steps into round one with really no competition in my opinion. This was a classic David vs Goliath situation. Jack Ross is currently an instructor at NSCAD and has a solid background of professional experience. Danica Wells playing the role of David in this round threw the best stone. Her aim was a little off but she made a really great effort. She is not a painter, obviously she is capable of painting and doing it well. The announcers introduced her as an illustrator. She got my vote. I liked her technique, use of colors and choice of subject matter. Simple, vibrant and relatable. Jack won this round with his painting of the Halifax bridge and city skyline. The other two painters I don’t feel really had much of a chance. I’m not sure if art battle uses any type of matchmaking system for the rounds? If not, they could stand to adopt a system similar to MMA Fighting. Weighted competitors… Its not exciting to watch a 130 lbs fighter with zero experience go up against a fighter at 160 lbs and a zero loss fight card.

below; other round one painters, Sarah Reicker & an artist unknown to me.


Sarah Reicker


Unknown Artist










IMG_20150123_204430 IMG_20150123_204702IMG_20150123_204518

I was not able to snap another photo of the Unknown Artist before change up.



ROUND TWO PAINTERS FACE OFF by Ross W & recovery_channel™



This is embarrassing, I should have taken names throughout the event. I figured someone else besides myself… Say coordinators would be publishing the names of the painters per round. I’ve been googling the event all morning and there is near zero coverage. Sorry for my ignorance, if I don’t get your name or I get it wrong, it is not intentional. With that said if I forgot your name… That is not good for business, it probably means you weren’t memorable.


The one artist I am familiar with in round two is Gerhardt Meintjes. The others, no one I know personally or professionally. I wanna say though I am disappointed about the move Meintjes made here. This is for sure a Charlie Hebdo tribute and not to call Meintjes out but I am pretty sure I’ve seen this photo in the paper before. Not sure if I would try to capitalize any further on this unfortunate event. Not original, I personally feel not in good taste either. Meintjes won this round but as you will see in the final battle. You can’t beat a dead horse into action. On a positive note, I am a big fan of this painters work and he is well known for quality productions.


IMG_20150123_212253 IMG_20150123_212412


I sorta liked all of these paintings but the one that resonated with me the most was painted by a wild card contender. See upper right corner, I am going to aptly title it “QUE SERA, SERRA?” this painter wore a tireless smile for the entire round. I found after the round he was chit chatting with the audience and he was cheerful, polite and humble. He showed no restraint when it came to praising his opponents and in good taste embraced the event for everything it should be. Good competition in good taste with good company. The rest of this round I have to say I found pretty generic, not wholly thought through and just overall lack of imagination. Props for stepping up and putting your brushes to the canvas people!



right; Ingrid Singing Grass, middle; Erin Olejnik (I think) and left; Craig Baltzer

There is also a painter in the background; Charlotte Brumwell, She took this round single handed, literally. I was really putting my eggs all in one basket for Ingrid, she is a spectacular person and I’ve been following her art for a very long time. To see her pull a win outta this would have been great for her budding career. There is always another battle…



Charlotte Brumwell


Craig Baltzer


Ingrid Singing Grass


E. Jay

Round three was a toss up for me between Brumwell & Baltzer. I really liked the styles, the technique was great but I was ultimately impressed by the speed of production Brumwell turned out. I found in this round she seemed to have finished her painting essentially and used the last five minutes to just sorta touch things up. I am not 100% familiar with any of her other works (I’ll check it out after I post) but I think this might be a one trick pony? Read on to the final round to catch some of my closing comments on Brumwell & Meintjes…


Jack Ross ended up taking the win on this one. Honestly if he hadn’t it really wouldn’t have been much of a testament to his overshadowing professional career… Ross stepped up and painted something completely new, this is not a regurgitation of his previous work in the battle. Change of scenery, change of colors, change of subject. Ultimately this is what sealed the deal for him.

I really feel like Meintjes could have delivered some real competition but just like Brumwell they got right back on the one trick pony and painted the same thing they painted earlier. Another Hebdo, although I think the Dove might make this fist pumping pencil of triumph a little more unique than some rip off from the paper. Its a regurgitation of something that has been done to death in the media for the past couple weeks. Ya know what, it was a horrible thing that happened. Artist all over the world have raised their pencils. Congratulations, let’s move on.

Brumwell, I really like her work. I don’t wanna say too much more about it until I have a chance to dig a little deeper. Too bad she went with the same work. I guess sometimes you gotta stick to what you know. You don’t often win without taking risks. There were no risks here. There were no wins here.

Props to everyone that participated, I hope anyone that reads the entire post Enjoys! Feel free to comment. Also note; I am not a professional critic. I write about What I see & What I like. Sometimes about What I don’t like 😉

Ross W


Jack Ross


Charlotte Brumwell


Gerhardt Meintjes


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