Life & Art, the best laid plans of mice and men

Life & Art, my love / hate relationship with planning vs randomawesity:



Above; This piece is composed of layers upon layers of just crap. There is a base of gel medium that was laid down with an intricate stencil. It was painted with a number of interference acrylics & metallic acrylics. On top of that is chalk pastel, crayon and some more acrylics. The final but not the last additions are the bright inks clearly in the foreground. I thinned the ink out a bit and dripped it into the nooks n crannies of the raised gel stencils.

The love / hate part? This was not a planned piece… Often even without a plan, things just work out. Not this one. I go back, tweak & play. I rethink, reimagine, redream the outcome. Sometimes I am never satisfied. I love the act of working on a piece that just never pulls itself together but I also hate loosing all the work hours into something I will never be satisfied with. I can’t bleed satisfaction from a stone, why think I can milk it outta this painting or others like it?

Maybe its the work plus the gamble and a sale that makes me an Artist…


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