Life; outta the Sennheiser into a HEADRUSH


New Headphones! Welcome to the HEADRUSH


Sennheiser HD 201s

I gotta say a huge shout out to the Source in Parklane Mall on Spring Garden Rd. in Halifax, NS Canada for hooking me up. I went in looking for a price match on the Sennheiser HD 201s. They only carry the HD 201 and if you’re curious, what is the difference. I am pretty sure it’s the colour lol. I mean in comparison on futureshop’s website the only difference is colour and the plug material? Listed as “gold plated” for the 201S and “gold” for the 201. I decided to look around and the rep suggested the Headrush lineup. I instantly gravitated towards a pair of hotrod red over the ear headphones, on sale of course. Perk, also has an inline mic so I could use them with my phone. They had them on for about $37.95 CAN, $15 off. I was a skeptic about the sound quality and the rep really stressed I should have a listen before I buy, Thankfully. The ear piece broke off as she was removing it from the box lol. I wasn’t really sold but she was persistent about keeping me in the store. She pulled these off the shelf; see below



These came off the shelf at $29.99, I had a listen… I gotta say, pretty impressive for what it is. I hate headphones that roll all bass, forget the mids and the high tones. I really like a pair of headphones with punchy treble. These headphones delivered and the Source stepped up when I asked em to show me some love. They dropped $3.00 off the price and threw in the 2 Yr No Questions Asked warranty. They threw that in to match Sennheiser’s standard 2 Yr warranty.

If you look at the specs:

  • Full size headphones with 107dB of powerful sound
  • 40mm drivers for deep, booming bass
  • 2m (6.5-foot) cable with gold-plated plug
  • Cushioned ear cups and padded leather headband
  • Folding design for easy portability

I got a lot more freedom of adjustment, a legit leather headband and a 2 Metre cord with no tangle design. And I only paid one dollar more than I would have for the Sennheiser. It would have cost me two fifty to ride the bus all the way out to futureshop just to hear the Sennheisers and maybe not even buy. If you’re looking for an alternative buy and you’re not afraid to ask for a little extra love, cause in my world no deal is ever final. There is always room for negotiation. These headphones step up. At first look (I’ve been using them for 2 Hrs and no comfort issues) its worth the $29.99 CAN. Props to the Source for keeping my attention, ya know even at three dollars off the retail markup on these is probably sick. I don’t lose any sleep on cutting into their profit margin lol.


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