Life; She says my blog Post is Cynical…

Life; Deal breakers & the lack of respect, continued…

She says I’m a cynic, am I really? Honestly at first I just ignored that statement but then I asked myself what is a cynic, or what does it mean to be cynical? Well here is the answer:


believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

synonyms: skeptical, doubtful, distrustful, suspicious, disbelieving

Now, I’ve always thought of myself as a “skeptical” person for sure. I am a huge skeptic, about a lot of things. So yeah I guess according to the above stated definition I could also be considered a cynic. I’ll accept that. In this day & age a person almost needs to be a bit skeptical about everyone, everything in everyday life. We are constantly bombarded by the media, news, ads and software disguised as helpful or necessary to our daily function. Without a bit of skepticism the world is a busy and dangerous place. And if you think for a moment that everyone is pure of heart, can be trusted or has the utmost integrity. You live in a dreamland, or better yet a nightmare.
I understand that by blogging about my thoughts, feelings and opinions in a public forum opens me up to opposition and/or the like minded. I encourage if a person agrees or disagrees to feel free and leave a comment. I enjoy conversation and relating to others. I’m willing to respect the ideas and opinions of others. But be forewarned, I may question or examine your comments in a skeptical way tho 😉

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