doodle of the day; live performance


Above; Microperm 0.3 marker (black) & Deserres brand fine tipped water based markers (full spectrum)

This doodle was inspired by todays live music performance at Connections. I have been finding that I really enjoy doodling in a stream of consciousness sort of fashion. My inner monologue just sort of pours out onto the paper. I’ve also found a way to doodle without really imposing on the environment around me.

Typically I use a very large, landscape style moleskin workbook. It draws a lot of attention and detracts from my ability to experience uninterrupted chains of thought. People often are drawn to what I am doing and that is nice but they ask questions and ultimately I don’t get anything done. I’ve picked up just these simple little sketch blocks, ya know like 200 sheets at about 5.5X4″ … The color I am pretty happy with given they are Deserres brand markers. Normally, from experience I wouldn’t go near this brand but the rep that was helping me was very upfront about admitting that most of their brand is substandard. But he gave these good praise and I am going to give praise also. I like the feel, the color and they will blend a little which I like. I have yet to test them on other surfaces but on this junky scratch pad, got what I expected. Enjoy!


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