Thursday night doodles @ The Spot


Above; Pen & water based markers mixed with a little highlighter on news print.

I’ve been standing still for about a week now, if you read my previous posts a person can see a bit of trend. I’m dragging ass a little. Who can blame me though? The city is perma frozen under three to six inches of ice. I’ve fallen more times than I care to count trying to make my way from point A to point B.

I managed to get out to The Spot. It was nice, get out to see some familiar faces. I had a nice reaffirming conversation with my employment councillor Heather that going back to school is a good choice. But I really do need to be productive. If I want to be a recognized and respected artist I need to produce. And right now I am finding that really hard. Inspiration doesn’t come easy these days. I am barely inspired to get out of bed. Heather says I need to build some inertia… I believe her.

Figured I’d start with the doodle of the day, Titled; Instrument of Divnity (and yeah, Divinity is spelled wrong. Its a thing. I spell pretty much everything wrong in all my drawings or paintings) I did in passing mention the idea to Heather of igniting the flame of creativity with maybe a little graff art. Something bold to jump start this tired old engine 😉 Being a responsible councillor she did not agree with me lol.


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