Aries; Past, Present, Future

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 3)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designI’ve been collecting my horoscopes for three Months now. March 9th marks the first occurrence of what I feel to be an alignment of the stars. I collected horoscopes today from three separate sources and here is my interpretation of how they are relevant to my life status.

Source; The Flying Cow, Signs for Bovines. Vol. 14:5 March 2015

You aren’t likely to please everyone but, the people who truly care about you will understand. A break will do you some good and allow you to rethink your strategy. Then you will be back on track and hard to stop.

This was actually published while I was taking my “break” … I didn’t leave the house for days. Engaged no one and literally just vegetated. And I know not everyone agrees that this is the best course of action. But, I know the most important people in my life understand that sometimes I’m gonna pull the plug. I’m gonna go off the grid and if I need legit help I will reach out.

After about 10 or 15 days of sitting in the dark I decided to put the warpaint back on and head out to face the world. Reevaluate, seek council and renew my vigor. I am building inertia and soon this train will be hard to stop again.

Source; Metro News, Horoscopes by Sally Brompton. March 9, 2015

You don’t have to wait until later this month to plan what you are going to do. Start now. The more you look ahead the more successful you will be.

Day 1 back to real life I sought advice. I spoke with my councillors and started researching, digging for insight on how to achieve my loftiest goals. Start small, think big and the reality is that it starts now.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And I won’t fulfill all my lifes ambitions in one day. If I succeed in laying even one stone each day or a stone every two or three days, eventually I will build something…


Source; The Coast, Free Will Astrology. Vol. 22 No. 40 March 5 – 11

To depict what lay beyond the limits of the known world, medieval mapmakers sometimes drew pictures of dragons and sea serpents. Their images conveyed the sense that these territories were uncharted and perhaps risky to explore. There were no actual beasties out there, of course. I think it’s possible you’re facing a comparable situation. The frontier realm you are wandering through may seem to harbour real dragons, but I’m guessing they are all of the imaginary variety. That’s not to say you should entirely let down your guard. Mix some craftiness in with your courage. Beware of your mind playing tricks.

Fear of the unknow. Drawings of dragons and serpents. A picture often painted in my mind, spiritual turmoil and twisted depictions of serpents along with other strange beasts. Ideas that were cultivated to portray a broken world. Dreamed up to scare people out of taking risks. In my history I decided to challenge these ideas, challenge myself and venture to the far edges of the map. The edge of the map is my home now. And they were right, their are imaginary creatures that drag up strange and twisted stories. Really though its mostly situations of all bark and no bite. People conjuring up unnecessary drama or overreacting to perceived dangers. Attacking anything that threatens their comfortable way of life with forked tongues.

One does need to be cautious, but not afraid. My experience with courage has been that it is a learned thing. It takes a certain “craftiness” to out think the over dramatic. A certain mixed attitude of being on guard, swift thinking and having a good poker face. A person needs to be on the watch not to out think themselves. I’ve been there, the circle jerk of paranoid delusions and obsessive behavior.

I got that nailed down though thankfully, a good shrink and the correct cocktail of prescription medication does wonders for the tortured mind. Not to mention a good nights sleep 😉 Speaking of sleep. I’m off… Enjoy.




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