Blast from the past; Life Happens.

Journal Entry by Ross W

Written in Toronto. A laundry room experience… date unknown

I found this little gem while digging through the relentless pile of life I’ve been dragging around with me from province to province, city to city. Have a read. Enjoy 🙂

Life Happens

it happens at 6 Am.

life changes at 6 Am.

I think for the first time ever in my life I am awake and doing laundry at 6 Am.

Decided to try and get a different start to my day and different is what I got.

There is a woman here, she is labouring over what looks like the laundry pile left behind by a battalion of children…

And, the sun is different. The people on the street are different. Its kinda like waking to an alien world. My natural post sunrise neighborhood is possessed by strangers. People I don’t commonly see.

The experience has raised my mind into a sort of silent utopia. It is very zen.

for the last few months I’ve been on cruise control really. Going to sleep, getting up at the last minute every morning. For whatever reason looking for excuses not to live my life. Rationalizing my days off into empty productivity.

Its nice to have days off, but not to rot my eyes on movies and video games…

Ugh, I feel so shitty about what happened yesterday.


she just keeps on singing

“so much trouble in this world”

your darn fucking right there is…

Its right here singing. Ruining my zen.

the rest of the world is existing outside your headphones. Senseless bitch.

The End.

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