Art; Self Made @ the Spot

Question of the evening?


Above; I title this “Self Made” and it is just a doodle. I just really wanted to get a feel for some of the new tools in my arsenal. Mediums used here are black M Fabercastle india ink pen, Tombo watercolor brush marker & DeSerres watercolor fine tip marker with a little blue color pencil. All laid down on Moleskin watercolor paper.

Every evening at the Spot the group is asked a question ie; What did you do on the weekend? Ya know, icebreakers. This evening we were asked if we could be someone famous past or present who would you be?

There was a wide array of answers, most popular; Jesus, David Bowie or Jesus Bowie if thats possible lol. I answered, SELF MADE. I’ll be me, and roll this pony into prolific status. If not famous. Someday lol. After I’m dead maybe and some advanced alien race of explorers will find desolate planet earth (the way we’re going) and this hard drive laying in the deserted waste lands.

I did get asked by Eastlink to appear on Television with some of my work in support of the Spot and it’s upcoming fundraiser. Of course I said YES. I had to think of that all of two seconds lol. 


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