Aries; shut up & Focus!

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 6)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Flying Cow Dartmouth | Mar/April 2015, Vol. 14:6 | Signs for Bovines

You are having some problems understanding what your friends or bosses are trying to tell you. That should clear up in a while, but for now, make sure that you keep as quiet as possible.

I kinda blew this one out of the water so to speak. Ah well, more like a 50/50. This is the sort of post that I ask myself, if I had read this with my morning tea would my day have unfolded differently?

I experienced a tremendously traumatic life event with a friend of mine and we had hugely differing opinions on how to handle the happening. I was overbearing, angry beyond what words can explain and I just unloaded on my friend who I should have been showing compassion and understanding towards.

My councillor struggled to help me grasp the idea of emotionally supporting a person that is making a decision I don’t agree with. I don’t have to agree, but to be a lifeline, an emotional tether I need to separate myself from the event and the trauma. I need to see the person, feel the emotional ebb and flow. And… Just shut up & listen!

Same goes for work, sometimes I don’t understand at all what my boss is saying to me. If I just smile and nod, put my head down and focus. Often without speaking I find the answer is apparent. That instant gratification of saying “Hey, what’s this or that” and being handheld when the trail gets tough won’t help me see all the answers. Just glimpses of a bigger picture I may never understand without getting my feet wet and my hands dirty. And… Just shut up & Focus!

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