Aries; RISE UP! Nap it off.

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 13)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Metro | April, 20 / 2015 | IT’S ALL IN THE STARS by Sally Brompton

You may not have been serious about a social or political issue in the past but you are certainly serious about it now. You won’t rest until you’ve had your say and made your mark.

In the past religion has heavily influenced how I look at the worlds Social and Political scene. And truthfully it still kinda does. I sort of consider myself 50% neutral and 50% don’t give a fuck. The social scene doesn’t really interest me, I mean people interest me and the way we all interact interest me. But the interest is more like how a person watches ants in a jar. An observer. I’m working on it though, I’ve nailed down some valuable social connections. I find making new connections more difficult than maintaining old ones and really I’m not that successful at maintaining the old ones lol. Its not out of lack of interest, by nature I’m a bit of an introvert and live a very community oriented lifestyle. Recharging is time consuming and not very socially participative.

Politics… I kinda like my neutral stance. And, I kinda don’t. Lately I’ve been watching protests all over my city. People rising up against Climate Change, Bill-C51 (Internet Anti-Terrorism Act) there are demonstrations in the streets. People speaking out about Canada’s traditional role in global warfare. Stephen Harper takes heat left and right, and from I can tell the heat is justified. All my life I have been kinda exposed to this “no part of the world” mantra. But its hard not to be part of the world I live in. Especially when my government starts to toy with my rights, my privacy, my values on the world scene. I’m not about to start a movement or anything but I think that time is coming where I should rise up and shout with my one voice “I CHOOSE!”

Source; FLYING COW | April 2015, Vol. 14:7 | SIGNS FOR BOVINES

Your great energy should keep you smiling through much of the week, so see if you can get yourself through the drudgery and help your peers to keep their spirits up. Nighttime is even better!

Hah, “great energy” that pretty much never explains my typical day. But I can’t help but smile, the sun is out and the temperature is up. The snow is melting, work is picking up. The drudgery is the easy part of my days, I’m well adapted to managing it and well adapted to helping my peers cope. I can think of one person in particular I’ve had the pleasure of sharing conversation with. I feel like my friendship is comforting them during a difficult time. And it just so happens that my daytime is their nighttime.


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