Aries; I will do what? Fuck up the Budget?

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 15)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Metro | April, 23 / 2015 | IT’S ALL IN THE STARS by Sally Brompton

Everyone gets things wrong once in a while and you are no exception. If you make an error of judgement today – and you will – don’t try to deny it. Accept your mistake then set about putting it right.

I’m an exception, I’m sure of it. Cause today no “error of judgement” that I am aware of occurred. There is nothing to deny, and nothing to set right. This is why I don’t read my horoscopes in the morning with the rest of my news, its determination statements like “and you will” that commit me to an inevitable path of whatever the stars dictate to be my fate on any given day.

I think here in Canada, the political powers that be… Must be Aries and must be reading their Horoscopes with their morning coffee. Cause they are fucking things up left and right with this new Budget. And I see no putting it right in the near future. In fact I see a lot of the status quo, “lie, deny, then act surprised”.

Source; The Coast | April 23 – 29 / 2015, Vol. 22 / No. 47 | Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezsny

If you’re stumped about what present to give someone for a special occasion, you might buy him or her a gift card. It’s a piece of plastic that can be used as cash to buy stuff at a store. The problem is, a lot of people neglect to redeem their gift cards. They leave them in drawers and forget about them. Financial experts say there are currently billions of dollars going to waste on unredeemed gift cards. This is your metaphor of the moment, Aries. Are there any resources you’re not using? Any advantages you’re not capitalizing on? Any assets you’re ignoring? If so, fix the problem.

Again, I feel like this resonates with my feelings about the Budget here in Canada & specifically how it affects Nova Scotians. Maybe this is an abstract way to relate cause I know my Horoscope is supposed to be about me, but ya know all Aries read the same stuff just different sources and I think right now as a community of Aries (and other signs) here in Canada / Nova Scotia we might be thinking the same way? Maybe not.

The way I see it, there are all kindsa options that could have been implemented in this new Budget that wouldn’t be eliminating jobs by cutting the Film Tax Credit. I mean really? A 25 Mil credit that generates over 120 mil in revenue for 2700 + families in NS. 25 Mil in a multi billion dollar budget is nothing.

Then the announcement of more cuts to social services that impact the most vulnerable of our communities. Soon for a guy like me and many others that depend on the social benefits of our province won’t have any resources to utilize. Where are the advantages going in this country of plenty? Oh yeah, the top 1%!

I have an idea, how about introducing a more strict legislation on this gift card bullshit. I have at least three cards with money on them that has either expired (fucked if I know how money expires) or I can’t access because it doesn’t meet some minimum purchase criteria. Its MONEY, even if its just a dollar. Its BILLIONS just sitting in peoples homes and in Corporate bank accounts. Spent money that will likely never be used to purchase any goods but will line the pockets of the already super wealthy. Ugh. Gross.


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