recovery Day X; General Membership!

What is General Membership?

mq1General Membership is a goal to seek for members that are in recovery from various mental health disorders while supported by Connections Halifax. It is a symbol of progress. Reaching General Membership means you are standing on your own two feet, you might still be a little wobbly but your standing and managing your recovery on your own the majority of the time.

I still have full access to Connections and its resources if support is necessary. There is a need to see my Psychiatrist less frequently. And my contact person is not on high alert, ready to sound the alarm if I don’t show up at the Clubhouse for a few days. Essentially this is a stepping stone to possibly one day standing completely on my own two feet firmly.

I’m in my third year of recovery and I consider this achievement great progress. I’d like to Thank everyone that made it possible; Mike Nahirnak, Heather X, Dr. Dini, Nancy Beck, Gail, Gloria, Fred @ FRED Style. All my friends @ Connections Halifax (there are too many to name) and anyone else I may have missed. 

Thankyou SOO MUCH for supporting me in my recovery!


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