Photo Op; City of The Crane

Title; City of The Crane, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; City of The Crane, Photography by Ross W ©2015


9 thoughts on “Photo Op; City of The Crane

    • Thanks 🙂 I love cranes and absurdly oversized construction equipment. I have a photo I am working on of a Mega Backhoe. The bucket could pick up a car easily, and tracks are monsters. I find it hard to believe humans even made it. Looks like some sort of creature or gift from a race of Giants. lol.

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      • I’m the same! The underground subway here in San Francisco is getting and has been getting major work this past year so you’ll see some of these monstrous pieces of equipment on the weekends looking for all the world as if they’ve been played with then tossed aside by bored giant toddlers! I’ll have to do a photo collage of them now that you’ve got me thinking about it.

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      • I got a bit of a collection going, I have some paintings I’ve done to of cranes I should take some photos of. Two jobs and an artist on the side, tough to make it all work in one day 😉

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      • Hey, I’d love to see them! But I completely get the making time thing. It’s not always easy to fit it all in. You also just reminded me I’ve got some miniatures somewhere in storage… may have to dig those out too:)


      • Ha! That’s it, they could survive anything. It’s funny how every time I thought to just get rid of them, I couldn’t! They bring back lots of good memories and their still cool toys!


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