Aries; Its a Full Moon?

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 23)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Metro | May 4 / 2015 | IT’S ALL IN THE STARS by Sally Brompton

Don’t worry about today’s full moon. If you think positive then all will be well. But be ready for one or two emotional outbursts from people who get easily frustrated with lifes little setbacks.

I’m thinking about starting a poll, something that I can enter yes or no was my horoscope relevant. Then I can track the ratio of the reading being on point or completely off in left field. Thats really why I’m doing this experiment / project.

Sally Bromptons reading, not relevant at all. I didn’t even know it was a full moon, and I’ve only ever encountered a handful of strange full moon occurrences in my entire life (31 Yrs) … Not to mention that I spend the majority of my time around people that have mental health disorders. Often they are living in poverty and experiencing the worst life has to throw at them with zero affluence to soften the blow. Emotions run deep in their lives and I did not encounter a single person today that was having an “outburst” … In fact most of the people I encountered were in a great mood and a few of us at Connections Halifax got together and baked cookies.

Source; | MONDAY, MAY 4, 2015

“Spiritual and metaphysical concepts may seem murky to you today, Aries. Ideas that friends accept as matters of course might feel strange. Don’t get into an argument. Ask about books, websites, or magazines that you can consult for more input and, hopefully, clarity. Find out about future lectures on the subject. It should all come together eventually. You just need to be patient!”

I don’t know who writes the daily readings at but this one pretty much explains my entire life in a nutshell lol. This could be any given day of the week. Its a pretty broad stroke and in general good advice. I’m always interested in the spiritual and metaphysical concepts of others but I have my own beliefs that are soo deeply entrenched… I don’t even know who I really am.


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