Aries; making waves…

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 26)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Metro | May 7 / 2015 | IT’S ALL IN THE STARS by Sally Brompton

You may enjoy upsetting the odds but don’t get carried away. The planets warn if you make too many waves between now and the weekend it could be you who ends up in the water.

Hah! Rock the boat is what I do. Often only when I know the odds are in my favor though lol. I make a lot of waves, most of the time just shoot’n the shit and maybe I say a little too much, or take that joke a little too far. But all in good fun.

Rocking the boat over some serious shit, I do that to. And yeah sometimes it fucks me but when I do it, its for just cause. I might not make any friends over it but I’ve never been super big on making a lot of friends. To much drama.

An example; I just started getting more hours at one of my jobs and liability is a big issue in the industry. I work the shop alone and at the end of the day I tell the owner when I see shit thats a potential problem. I take my job seriously, I come from a shop with a background of excellence. And things need to be done right.

I’m not out to throw anyone under the bus. I’m out to make sure everyone is safe.

Source; Flying Cow | May 2015 Vol. 14:8 | Signs For Bovines

Your creative powers are flowing back to you right now after a brief hiatus – and you should be able to make great progress on pursuing your artistic vision. That could be as simple as rearranging your desk.

The Bovine Sign is right on the mark. I took a break, for almost two weeks just to clear my mind. Put my art on pause and took care of a few small personal things. Mostly trying to ramp up my hours at work and maintain a good balance in my routine. I’m ready to hit the pavement running now. Creatively, I’ve been asked to create some illustrations for a children’s book and I’ll talk more about that in the near future.

And lastly, here is a picture of my desk lol. It NEEDS to be rearranged hahaha.


There is not an inch of space to really work on anything…


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