Photo Op; Molecular Phenomena


Title; Molecular Phenomena, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Can you guess what it is?

10 thoughts on “Photo Op; Molecular Phenomena

  1. Not molecular, but a close-up for sure. 1. It’s potentially silver spray paint after 1/10 of a second of contact with a surface. If it’s spray paint, the bubbles would be the alcohol base used to keep the paint liquid, but designed to escape as a gas right way after contact with a surface (leaving the now molecularly-linked silver pigment behind to be the paint). 2. It’s a potentially silver-spray painted piece of Rice Crispy cereal. 3. It’s not gaseous matter escaping in real-time because all bubbles appear solid. Consequently, it’s something that is already dried; the gas that formed the bubble might have long escaped, but the bubbles remain (I think “The Bubbles Remain” is the title of the forthcoming reunion album by Led Zeppelin). 4. This is the cover photo of the upcoming Led Zeppelin reunion album. – JM


  2. Thanks for guessing guys! This is actually melting ice 🙂 I noticed the ice had a very rough surface to it, almost metallic. When I got closer it was apparent that something strange was going on. So I think not only is it ice, it is ice that has been exposed to salt or some other corrosive agent. I also have a theory that with the strong temperature fluctuations this year the ice may have melted into droplets and re-froze. The main component here is definitely ice though 🙂


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