Photo Op; Kim’s “Patio Lanterns”

Title; Kim's "Patio Lanterns, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; Kim’s “Patio Lanterns, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Walking the harbour front, as I do most every night on my way home cause I live on the water… I spotted these hanging lights that use now oldschool lighting technology. The lit metal coil was like a magnet to my eye. In contrast against the tree and the brilliant blue sky that day it was heartwarming beauty to me.

This photo has been processed digitally by adding an HDR filter, the Saturation has been bumped up and I added some light leak. I wanted to pop the yellows and greens in the tree branches but nearly black out the tree’s silhouette against the hanging light and the sky. I used a slight centre focus on the foreground lantern and applied a mild blur to the outer edge. Its funny, I used the combo almost exactly backwards on a photo I took at night… Produced the exact same effect on the sky. I just borrowed the values from that photo and reversed them.

Enjoy! And oh yeah, I had this song in my head while shooting; Patio Lanterns


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