recovery Day X; 7 Days a week

I’ve made it! The last medium term goal on my recovery list… Full Time Employment. IDEALBIKES has offered me a full time year round position! And I of course have accepted. Starting in two to three weeks from now I will be manning the helm at their Bayers Lake location as Sales Person & Mechanic.

I work two part time jobs at the moment but it works out to be full time hours plus. I’m holding up well under the stress of working full time plus. Plus being in the shop is what I love! I’m gladly stepping into my new shoes & looking forward to working with the guys & gals on the team. Special Thanks also to Troy, my employer for the opportunity…

I’m setting a short term goal right now to start back to the gym once a week. Training will be necessary if I am to get back into proper shape for competition. I feel like my mind and my body are ready to start the climb into the mountain and road community here.

Time to start making my mark and maybe destroy a competitor or two on the track. Maybe a good medium to long term goal. I need to test the waters here and see what I’m up against. Who knows, may I will get stomped a time or two lol. All in friendly competition, those I’ve met here in the race community have been very friendly. I hope to build many new professional relationships along the way.

I intend to bring things up to date here at the recovery _channel™ with “The Aries Project” & “Photo Op” Categories soon. I think a short nap is in order though.

I’ve been burning the candle both ends, living out of a pile of clothes on the floor and a small mountain of fast food containers for the past two weeks lol. Thanks to my readers and please stay tuned for up to date content.


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