Photo Op; pinkbike orange

Title; pinkbike orange, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; pinkbike orange, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Working in the shop I see all different kinds of corrosive effects on bike equipment. And honestly most of it comes in the most brilliant arrays of color. This is a bottom bracket out of an old old bike in for a tune up. I love the brilliant orange colour of the rust! I see this happen and sometimes its yellow, green or blue and the brightest colors!

2 thoughts on “Photo Op; pinkbike orange

  1. I’m thinking it would be cool if you either could a) collect these naturally awesome colored bike pieces and then mount into some fantastic array or abstracted image on a board as a means of making piece of art, or b) collect the different colors of rust and corrosion in glass baby food jars and when you’ve got enough collected, someone thicken it with a liquid paint medium and then actual paint a canvas with some bicycles on it – you’d be using elements native to your profession as paint, similar to the way natives around the globe have used elements native their landscapes as painting mediums. Interesting post Ross. – JM

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