recovery Day X – PAINT IT RED!

For the first time ever in my life…

2015-09-23-01-54-43-federal-election-big-box-GenericEnglishOct. 19th, 2015 I woke up, tossed on my clothes. Wearing whatever was laying on the floor from the night before. I washed my face, skipped brushing my teeth and stuffed every piece of identification at my disposal into my jacket pocket. I didn’t want Elections Canada to have any excuse to turn me away. Ya see, I have never voted before in my life. I have always identified as being politically neutral…

This election I couldn’t justify standing by watching as the rest of the country decides my future without my say. Why now, and never before?

Well the decisions made by our previous Harper government hit very close to home. Deal breakers for me. And I know now that the election is over Conservative Party decisions were deal breakers for many other Canadians. My perception is that the Harper government damaged the idea of what it means to be Canadian.

Consider that I have never been a “patriotic” person per say. I do enjoy living in Canada. I don’t think I’d much care to live anywhere else. One major reason why I like living here… Our country’s image on the world scene. We project wholesome and mindful, carefully considered and weighted responsible decisions. Under the Harper government I felt like we strayed far from our core Canadian values like never before. I felt like if there was ever a time to speak up this election was my time to do it.

Another milestone under my belt. Another decision made possible by hard work, careful planning and an unprecedented state of recovery! Life is Grand 🙂

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