Aries; Curious, Grateful, Socialite?

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 44)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource: || December 12, 2015

The day is good for people with curiosity and imagination – including you! Since you’re not exactly in tip-top emotional shape, you’ll be especially grateful for the gifts today brings. If you’re eager to meet other people or explore new activities with friends, do so. The aspect is conducive to fun.

This little project, tracking my horoscope is something I used to really look forward to. If any of you have read my previous posts from the Aries series you know the drill.


I am a pretty Curious person, I mos def have the imagination part covered. But; was yesterday a good day? The morning was pretty rough, I overslept. Spent $30.00 on a cab to work. And forgot my phone charger. Not off to a good start.

I’m pretty much never in “tip-top” emotional shape. Part of my mental health diagnosis includes a very blunted, almost flat affect. I love gifts, I love people, I miss things that pass be it friends, family or household pets. My projection of these emotions into the real world is hardly proportionate compared to the mini emo storm being experienced inside my head.

And lastly; I am not a Socialite. Actually very much the opposite, I am a pretty hardcore introvert. In no way do I find new activities with friends “conducive & fun” … I mean there is a certain fondness shared for good company but I’m not gonna put on my dancing shoes and my little black dress.

Sorry, you were way off the mark this time. 

Maybe next time 😉


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