off the WoW and onto the GW2


Guild Wars 2 and my new time buster…

Upon my last budget review and the complete lack of crew to roll with in the World of Warcraft pre-expansion blues I’ve opted to go back to Guild Wars 2. I know a friend that is playing and the community seems to be pretty friendly. I have to say also, the graphics are fucking amazing compared to the ten year old engine WoW is using. There are a lot of things I really like about Guild Wars 2; I love the discovery system and the daily/monthly progress tracking. I love the combat, mostly… I like that I don’t have a billion buttons & macros to bind, I like that when I swing my weapon it hits not just my target but everything standing in the way. I like the dodge mechanic and the unique mix of skill builds a person can come up with. I also really like the crafting system and that crafting contributes to your overall experience.

What I don’t like; Telegraphing and the glass cannon effect. The dodge mechanic is cool, it looks cool (if your a thief) and adds a unique element to combat. The problem… Its really hard to tell what to dodge, the telegraphing is very poor. For those of you not familiar with telegraphing, this is a movement or signal in posture ie; bear stands on its hind legs before swiping you. Or a giant raises his foot before he stomps on you. GW2 fails a little here, there is a telegraph but you need to have the reflexes of a mongoose to recognize the que and take action. On top of this frustrating lack of obvious telegraphing you then add the “glass cannon” situation and by glass cannon I mean all classes seem to have roughly the same level of toughness but huge disparity in damage output. It doesn’t matter if your a Warrior, Guardian, Ranger or Thief. If you miss the near impossible to acknowledge telegraph and you take a hit, its a critical hit every time. You might be able to take a strike or two if your lucky. I feel if your a Warrior, you should be able to take some heat. You may be slower and lack subtle moves but while your slowly hacking your way through the enemy you should be able to sustain a few strikes. But everything cuts through your plate armor like a hot knife through butter.

Next; I am disappointed there are no mounts in this game! WTF is up with that? You have a collection of clearly advanced civilizations, capable of creating teleporting devices. Wielding bows, pistols, rifles ect. and the profession of Engineer and you can’t figure out how to tame and ride the local wildlife? Not only does it suck, but it seems improbable. Not to mention that Mounts don’t only serve the purpose of transportation, they are a symbol of status, progress. An acquisition to be shown off to your friends and bystanders that you are in fact a badass.

The one major perk tho that trumps all… Free to Play; No Subscription Fee! Ya buy the game and that’s it. You buy and you play. It looks great, the skill lvl required to play makes it engaging and they are continually upgrading content/changing the game environment to fit a dynamic story line and that is pretty damn cool. I like that when I save a village it stays saved and the scenario progresses to the next series of events. Ya its a bit glitchy, ya there are no mounts, ya you have to put up with no matter what your skill level your gonna get taken down by even a mosquito (And there are legit badass mosquitoes in game). But I am ok with that. To play for free.

Lastly, I am not the MMO Junky I used to be. I am gone outta the house all day, from 8 Am (and now that I work for the QEII) to 9 Pm and I game for maybe at the most an hour just to unplug my brain and unwind before I call it a night. Not enough to justify paying a sub anymore. The sub was not burdensome, but I don’t miss paying it. No matter how little it is, its money outta my pocket I’d rather not part with.

If any GW2 Players happen across this entry feel free to leave a comment, I am on Jade Quarry. Thief, Asura. Name; Psylent Night.



And then there was. One

WoWScrnShot_raiding day one

This is the last pic I was able to grab before Demons Legion disappeared. It disappeared over night. I logged in one day and things were a buzz, log in the next and zip. Not but a handful of soldiers left. News from one of the underlings that got left behind is that the core group joined Apathy Inc. and jumped servers.

Honestly I don’t blame them, Eredar is a dying server. They need the connected realm pop boost more then anyone. The economy is wayyy off balance, finding an active guild is near impossible. Be damned if I am gonna pay the transfer fee tho to get off this server. Blizz makes it pretty easy now to just group up via and I can still roll with my friends in BG’s and such.

But now I’ve got the bug. I have discovered the hidden joy of leveling a toon 🙂 It is not something you gotta rush. Take your time, set goals. Heirlooms make it quick, easy and OP. You can mail your looms cross server now… And, that is AWESOME. Soo, long story short I went off to find a new home. This time I did some homework. I studied realm pop, faction ratios and guild progression. Went for a high pop server this time that favored my faction numbers a little. My faction being Horde. Then I called it home. I’m leveling a new toon their now and so far so good. Que pops are consistent, at least right now. Not sure what 90 will look like. Stay tuned and I’ll post some pics for ya. I’m playing a new class, caster. Totally new to me. Way more shit your pants action in PvP that’s for sure!

your friendly neighborhood “casual raider”

WoWScrnShot_my first raid 02 WoWScrnShot_raiding day one

Above left; Final boss, my first LFR. aka; looking for raid

Above right; End of LFR day.

Well I did it. I am officially a Casual Raider and apparently a retard lol. I went in blind, I did no research and just winged it. Ya know all in all it wasn’t that bad. Most of the fights were pretty straight forward. Blizzard does a great job at making encounters intelligible. Pretty easy to get a feel for and composed of the standard rules that apply to Heroic Dungeons. Don’t stand in shit on the ground that kills you. Don’t stand in the way of the flames, charge, or stomp of your enemy which also kills you. And don’t suck. That last one is more of a community rule than a fight mechanics rule.

I found in my experience there was always a general malaise for a Tank who is new. But I mean come on everyone is new once. Although I kinda began to feel the heat of being new after a few repair bills in the low hundreds. So I did begin to read up. I quickly found that reading is not the same as doing and sometimes the unexpected happens. This is where the “Don’t Suck” rule applies. Need to be quick to respond to the unexpected. So all in all, I did my fair share of being a retard, and I did my fair share of being awesome.

I owe it all to that one guy in every raid that is not a prick and understands everyone is new once. The guy that whispers you and says “follow my lead”. That guy made my raid day successful and I am better spec’d, more prepared for fights that lay ahead and I look awesome! I mean look at those shoulders lol. Tigers breathing mist and my helmet, its got fangs come’n outta it. I feel as hardcore as I look. I rolled three or four raids on Saturday. It was soo nice just to veg.

I had a busy week and a good show. Moved some art 🙂 Update on that soon to come.

the tides of change

WoWScrnShot_new rideWoWScrnShot_122313_024608

The time has come. I wanna see some new content and doing it in a guild all alone isn’t gonna cut it. So I’m sporting new stripes now. I am a member of <Demons Legion> haha. Met one of their players on the Timeless Isle. We took down some big baddies together. I’ve been guild hunting for a while now. There were a few big ones on my server to consider, <Destinatus> and <Months Behind> were two of the front runners for me. But I’m what ya call “casual” and <Demons Legion> didn’t refer me to a website to apply or ask for min ilvl. They didn’t run down my achievements. They took me in, cause I wanted to play with active people. They gave me 1K gold no questions asked. Offered to teach me how to tank, that’s what I made this toon for. See some content and play a role. When I’m out grinding the Isle I got peeps out there. Back me up when I get heat from the local Ally population. They got Vent, some comrades to chill with and shoot the shit. I’m new for now but I hope to get ta know some of these peeps. Already met some maritimers. Haha straight up from PEI. I’m roll’n my gear, topping up my stats and hopefully soon I’ll have some heads to hang on my proverbial monster slaying walls of fame.

pimp my ride; Arcane styles


Beautiful holiday weekend, home alone. It’s quiet and I got my cup of mint tea. Decided to sit down and review my spec, prep for dungeons. In the beginning I just haphazardly place buttons onto my bars for the sole purpose of use’n em and being able to see them. Make quick references ect. But that’s all fine and dandy when your just out questing about on your own. When your staring down your sword at a complicated dungeon or raid encounter it’s good to know every tool in your toolbox. So I took the time to organize my moves, prioritize. Then well my gear really is sub par for what I want to do. This means I need to get out there and smash some boss face and get some better gear. I did however visit the “Arcane Reforge” There are minimum statistics that need to be limit capped to ensure highest lvl of success when smashing face. One of them happens to be “Hit Chance” and it just soo happens with full reforge (the act of substituting a portion of one stat for another on any given piece of gear) I can reach my hit cap. This means the face smashee has little to no chance to dodge, block or parry my attack. Very WoW 101 but ya know, I’ve always wanted to raid and really grasp the concept of this game along with its epic huge story line. I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m active enough in life right now I feel it’s ok for me to spend a little time crunching the numbers of face smashing and raid boss pwnage lol. I’m a geek. It’s confirmed.

me and my peeps

WoWScrnShot_121813_224708 WoWScrnShot_121813_190141

I am a Pandaren Loremaster. In all my explorations and conquests there was barely a glimmer of my own race to be seen really. But then just @ the end of it all. A small camp, with one of my own. And now I’m hip deep in the Thunder King quest line and my peeps are all over it! In some of the best quest line experience I’ve seen in my treks across this new land. I guess needless to say I am no longer the lvl 40 some’n I was when the 1st “I play WoW” post hit my blog. I am lvl cap now (90), have been for a little while. I’m still questing the new content, upgrading where I can. Balancing my stats, following the noxxic prot guide. Considering move’n on from my present guild. I’m not a guild master. There is barely anyone on in our ranks. I’ll quest out this story, get my stats balanced then start tanking heroics. I gotta clean up my UI. But I am pretty satisfied soo far. I think tanking is going to be fun. Can’t wait for the raid experience. Hope I can find an active guild.

I play World of Warcraft (aka; WoW)

I play WoW Awen lvl 42_111413

In my spare time I read, write, create art and I game. I am a WoW head 😛

Meet Ãwen lol. One of now two characters I play regularly. Ãwen is a Tank, lvl 42 as of Nov 14th @ 11:22 Pm. This character will be going lvl cap. Presently I have another lvl capped character, a Healer. Her name is Glamor and we are on the US server; Eredar. !Don’t come here if you are new! 😐 The population is low and the prices are high. I got friends here though and I am too cheap to pay for a realm transfer 🙂

It’s late for me, so I’m not going to get into a lot of detail. But I would like to, in the future… Blog about my adventures, my learning experiences and interactions with other players. I am new to the responsibilities of being a “Tank” and I think a little reflecting can help to improve my gameplay and progression. I may try my hand at a little video editing and/or streaming.

If your also a WoW head… Say Hi! 🙂