recovery Day X – reboot

After Recovery…


It has been a while since my last post… I typically posted here mostly about my recovery progress (sometimes retrogress) and after achieving an unprecedented state of mental health wellness; posting here pretty much completely halted.

Recovery in my experience over the past ten plus years has taught me that it is a perpetual state of mind, body & spiritual evolution. For the longest time effort required to simply exist felt paralyzing. Then life changed for me. Huge life changes. Hospitalization, Medications, countless hours spent with Support Workers, Psychiatrists & Peers propelled me into a state of recovery and beyond. 

Now that I’m here, at recovery the beyond part it is proving a bit illusive. Getting to the hear & now was actually pretty simple in comparison to where I’m trying to go for my future; In the past I set goals, put my head down and worked hard until success was firmly within my grasp.

After locking down full time employment with IDEALBIKES and committing myself to excellence in our Bayers Lake, Halifax N.S. Canadian location the rest fell to the wayside. Creative productivity is practically non existent. Even my hobbies lack the feeling of purpose. They are more of a mindless and madly off in all directions waste of time. Escapism. And… I am NOT Ok with that. Escapism IS fine, but everything needs to be forward moving to satisfy my unquenchable thirst to succeed & matter. Matter to me if not anyone else.

And soo we come full circle back to the origin story of recovery_channel™. A story about moving forward, making progress. The pursuit of Passion, Productivity & Purpose. And most importantly accountability; To Myself.

My Career & Passion @ IDEALBIKES 

My Creative Productions @ recovery_channel™ studio

My sense of Purpose in all I do. Work, Creativity, Escape;

I’m back to the keyboard, I have my head down and I’m getting shit done.


Photo Op; in the basement there is…


Title; in the basement. Photography by Ross W © 2015

There is a thing in the basement, it goes bump sometimes. Sometimes; the pipes shudder and the taps leak. Whirring and humming noises stumble out of the shadows as the pumps and heaters secretly labor for the upstairs world…

I grew up in a house that in the beginning our basement had a dirt floor, it was dark even with the lights on. The only access was a spooky staircase with no banister. Spiders and beetles, earwigs of unimaginable size (to a child) lurked ready to pounce. The above photo was taken in the basement of my current building. This is a small room where the piping comes in from the pump and the hot water heater. I found the long shadows of the copper pipe familiar and the abandoned bottle lightly covered in sand; seems like it was teleported here, never touched by human hands. This photo brought back a rush of memories, home. Mom & Dad. Life.

Photo Op; Its hard to stop a Trane

Title; Its hard to stop a Trane, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; Its hard to stop a Trane, Photography by Ross W ©2015

I often end up train watching on my way home. The train run between the ferry terminal and my pathway home. Its a pretty busy little area and the train goes very very slow. Sometimes it can take up to 30 Min to pass. So I figured it was such a beautiful evening, why not snap a picture while I wait! Enjoy!

Photo Op; Kim’s “Patio Lanterns”

Title; Kim's "Patio Lanterns, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; Kim’s “Patio Lanterns, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Walking the harbour front, as I do most every night on my way home cause I live on the water… I spotted these hanging lights that use now oldschool lighting technology. The lit metal coil was like a magnet to my eye. In contrast against the tree and the brilliant blue sky that day it was heartwarming beauty to me.

This photo has been processed digitally by adding an HDR filter, the Saturation has been bumped up and I added some light leak. I wanted to pop the yellows and greens in the tree branches but nearly black out the tree’s silhouette against the hanging light and the sky. I used a slight centre focus on the foreground lantern and applied a mild blur to the outer edge. Its funny, I used the combo almost exactly backwards on a photo I took at night… Produced the exact same effect on the sky. I just borrowed the values from that photo and reversed them.

Enjoy! And oh yeah, I had this song in my head while shooting; Patio Lanterns

Photo Op; Bus Stop Safari

Title; Bus Stop Safari, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; Bus Stop Safari, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Waiting for the bus, which was super late… I noticed this little figurine of an elephant just chilling in the mini gardens surrounding the stop. I snapped a few photos and tons of people were staring at me. Roll’n my photo session. I doubt they even knew what I was taking pictures of. The elephant really blends in and is not immediately noticeable. I hope you like it. I ramped down the detail on the elephant to give it a more realistic feel. In the original photo, Mr. Elephant had a very high contrast lvl. You could tell for sure it is plastic. And well you can tell it’s plastic now but at least it leaves a little more to the imagination.

Photo Op; PURE Reflection

Title; PURE Reflection, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Title; PURE Reflection, Photography by Ross W ©2015

Sundown in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Walking past the Historical Properties on the waterfront I see an abandoned building. The building once housed the Dragon King Buffet, a nightclub for a short time and some startup for LAN Gaming very very briefly. The signage on the building is a sort of sheet brass or polished steel and holds a near perfect reflection of the adjacent lamp post.

I like that the brass/polish gives it the impression of an aged photo, with maybe some artifacts that came forward during exposure, or perhaps water damage. A favorite picture trapped in the pages of those old photo albums with the adhesive film. The lantern’s light seems to be trapped perfectly, a glowing ember in. By far one of my favorite photos yet. I only had to tweak the brightness a little & crop it.