When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 46)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource: Halifax Metro, It’s All In The Stars by Francis Drake

This afternoon is an excellent time for business and commerce. Trust your moneymaking ideas. Business-related travel is likely. Enjoy!”

Today (my day off) started off all business and I kinda like it that way. I put a lot of hours in but I also love my job and I love our customers. For readers that are not familiar with what I do. I am the Manager of a bike shop. As in bicycles. And I spent this afternoon caring for one of our customers. Making sure our customers get what they need and what they want is my specialty. And today I had the pleasure of delivering satisfaction out of a situation that could have otherwise been very disappointing. And we saved the customer some money, plus a little upgrade on the side.

Business Travel is very likely, all travel these days is for business lol. I did a fair bit of walking today and it felt great. The sun is coming out and it’s warming up here. I’ve been running a little on the side and I’m feeling the itch to get back on my bike. That’s not the kinda travel I’m dreaming of though 🙂

My Employer and Specialized Bicycles will be sending me to California in July to visit the Headquarters of all things “Specialized” … This is literally a lifelong dream of mine, to visit the North American hub of cycling. California is home to some of the largest bike & accessory designers/suppliers in the world. Literally candy land for a gearhead and brand addict like me.

Francis Drake, you were bang on today 😉


Aries; No Shit Sherlock!?

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 39)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource: horoscope.com | July 18, 2015

Uptight is the mood for today. You might be the center of attention at some point. While you normally wouldn’t mind, Aries, today it might make you nervous. When everyone looks at you and expects you to say something, say it. Keep it short and then withdraw. You aren’t in the mood. Walk to the library and throw yourself into reading about subjects that interest you. This should relieve the stress.

Yesterday was ahh, a little up tight at first. I’m not really feeling the Zen as per usual and that is for reasons I’ve mentioned before. Even at One Beer occasionally it does mess with my program. That paired with poor sleeping habits and poor eating habits and poor just about everything habits, I’m not improving my situation.

I’m mos def gonna be the center of attention sometime soon. I sorta already am, for making waves and rocking the boat. And Aries is right normally I don’t mind but my Zen is off cause well everything else is off. The best advice I’ve had all week is just to lay low, pair that with advice offered in this reading to keep things short & sweet I feel good about the future. I think. I can sure as hell tell you I’m not in the mood for any type of confrontation but my modus operandi is to meet challenges head on and square jawed.

Aries; The Logic will set you free

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 37)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource: horoscope.com | July 16, 2015

Recent spiritual breakthroughs might have you feeling both exhilarated and downcast, Aries. Your sensitive side tells you that this is a definite step forward on your spiritual path, but the logical side might cause you to doubt its reality. Take comfort in the fact that reality is relative and that what you’re sensing is at least valid for you. Then keep moving ahead.

I don’t know if recent life breakthroughs have been spiritual or not. But I can sure as hell tell you that my skepticism is in full swing. In the past 24 Hrs feelings of exhilaration paired with the witnessing of deceit have downcast me into a pit of logic. My sensitive side says strap on the suit of armour, bury my spirit deep and embrace the serenity of sound decision making. I have no doubt that life may teach lessons intended to diversify our spiritual side. Life also teaches us lessons that exposure to extreme elements may harm both our physical bodies and the metaphysical mind. Life right now is delivering me a very real sign. Bunker down and push forward regardless of external elements. The warning signs are valid and I am standing in the eye of the storm. One more battle and I will rise victorious!

Aries; I was just saying…

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 36)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; horoscope.com | July 7, 2015

Turn your energy inward today, Aries. Make a detailed list of what you need to get done in order of priority. It’s time to take inventory and get organized. Detail-oriented projects are favored, and you have much more patience and concentration than usual. Slow down the pace and remember to smell the roses as you pass by.

Ah, I didn’t get to making an actual list but… I just spent the last three days fending off a bug of some sort and there is nothing I hate more these days than sitting still. I’m back to work tomorrow and I could not be happier. I’ve been making a list in my head of things to address, follow up on and complete.

I also have a spreadsheet that I track it all on (Thank You Google Sheets). A little life lesson I learned from a good friend in an old bike shop. Getting projects off the ground and keeping things in order, prioritized. Starts with good record keeping. Oh and how to sell bikes. And… fix them. Sorta.

My Zen has been off for the last few days but this evening I feel things are slowing down. I’m finding myself paying attention to the little parts of a big picture. Time to put this hiccup behind me and get back to business.

recovery Day X; Satisfaction Guaranteed

When I unplugged my recovery support unit…

I found a whole new world. I am back to work now, most anyone that reads my blog knows I’m now working in the bike industry again. And… I LOVE IT!

I know transitioning is hard, I did it slow. I set 3 Goals, part time work (started at the QEII) then two part time jobs within 6 Months to a Year (I was hired on with FRED 6 Months after the QEII) I then worked for FRED and IDEALBIKES for another 3 – 6 Months and now recovery Day X lands directly on top of full time employment with IDEALBIKES.

I love it, I love my co-workers & my employer is amazing. I mean all workplaces have their hiccups and I am not always the most passive person making grinding gears a touch more common BUT… There is very little stress thanks to the management style of my employer.

I never thought this is where life would land me. I made a plan though, I sat down with my councilors. We started with the simple stuff, wake up in the morning. Shower, brush your teeth. Leave the house and be productive. Every Day! Even if your productivity yields the smallest of rewards.

And you know, I had set backs. I made mistakes. I lapsed once. I learned my life lessons. Here I am, standing at the gates of achievement. The gates have opened and I see nothing but endless opportunity. And it all starts with setting a small goal in the shadow of a bigger picture.

Don’t be scared, step out into the world… But walk at your own pace. Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Be kind to yourself and live to the maximum potential your situation permits. Satisfaction Guaranteed 😉

Aries; Bike Shop love

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 34)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; horoscope.com | May 31, 2015

Today you might be with friends who want to go out on the town and spend money. Shopping, eating in fancy restaurants, or going to dance clubs could be in their plans. This is fine, Aries, as long as you don’t get caught up in the excess. Find a happy medium between spending too much and acting like a party pooper.

Today… I worked in the bike shop alone. And it was BLISS lol. I fixed bikes, built bikes, worked a bit on my race ride. I did NOT want to go out on the town. At the end I just wanted to go home. I’ve not had a day off in over four weeks. But honestly when I’m in the shop, days off don’t matter. That expression, “do something you love and ya never work a day in your life” is pretty solid. I find the hours fly by at work.

I like to get out with my friends from time to time don’t get me wrong. Since turning 31 and cleaning up my lifestyle during three years of recovery… I live more of a purist lifestyle now. I don’t drink excessively, never have been an excessive shopper and never have really enjoyed going to dance clubs.

I like to share new experiences with my friends. So I pick up beers for the shop from time to time, I seem to be making good friends with my co-workers which is nice. We get out to ride together and hopefully my network will grow deep into the cycling community here in Halifax. I can make even more friends!

Everything feels good right now. Riding the Happy Medium!

Aries; Under Pressure

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 33)

horoscope-aries-tattoo-designSource; Metro | May 22-24 / 2015 | IT’S ALL IN THE STARS by Sally Brompton

Venus, planet of harmony, is under pressure today but that does not mean you will be too. You will be okay if you refuse to let problems of a domestic nature get you down.

I am definitely under pressure. I think it is by my own design though lol. I’ve been feeling a little under pressure over the last three to five days. Ya see, I have this thing where occasionally I like to rock the boat just to see who will fall out. And lets just say everyone is hanging on tight.

I’m not experiencing any domestic issues per say. My domestic situation is kinda non existent… I live alone and aside from getting into an argument with myself (which does happen occasionally) things run pretty smooth. I do however experience inter office politics fatigue. And like I mentioned above, it is partly by my own design.

I try to be like the water, flowing around rocks and trekking the path of least resistance. But have you ever seen a raging river push even the largest of rocks downstream? It can move entire boulders with ease, sometimes the size of small cars. Well, thats kinda how I roll my business. I roll into new life positions ie; Education, Employment, Volunteering, Relationships both personal and romantic, like a babbling brook, calm and flexible. Once I’m established, monsoon season arrives and the rocking of the boat commences. Will anyone fall out? Will the heavier stones on the river bed hold ground?

When I’m satisfied that everything is holding on tight… Back to the babbling brook, flexible and flowing at a smooth and steady pace. Settled. I won’t lie though, monsoon season is stressful. But just like in nature, necessary.