Art; doodle of the day

Tuesday night @ The Spot


Above; 4Hb Pencil, Microperm 0.3 MM Marker, Tombo Watercolor Markers w/blender, DeSerres Watercolor Markers 0.4 MM, photo edited using Android (color correction) work surface is Canson Watercolor paper 10″ H x 12″ W.

This was a quick doodle while engaging in some friendly conversation at The Spot. Doodling just for the sake of stretching my muscles, brushing the dust off. I really like to draw straight from my imagination. Draw what I see in my sleep or what wanders through my mind in a daydream. I’ve been thinking of trying to storyboard some of my dreams in a sorta comic book fashion. My medications give me great dreams, mostly because I actually sleep. Its amazing the difference real sleep makes. Before my medications I never remembered my dreams, unless they were traumatizing nightmares. Who wants to remember that? Maybe somebody, not I.