reworking “My Music Monday”

music to work by; …

My Music Monday was really a lazy mans post. I created it in hopes of amping myself up into some sort of creative mind storm. Well that never happened. Often I just picked something that was swimming in my playlist and tossed it like wet spaghetti onto the wall hoping it would stick. On a Monday.

What do I want “music to work by” looking like? Well, something like this;


Above; This is a doodle, I like to look at it as “work” … Ya see, I’m an Artist but I’ve been very, very veeerrryyy slow about production. Over the winter I came to a grinding halt. The above work is a self portrait, it is a portrait of where I work. And while I work, I listen to music. Music inspires me. It amps me up. Different types of music flow and sync up with my creative vibes. Aided by the right kinda sound I can work out an entire muralistic piece in a very short period of time. Without it, a single work can sit in my sketchbook untouched for weeks or months. Nothing demotivates me more than looking at something that could be amazing but never really makes it there cause I’m just not feeling it.

With that said, here we go. music to work by; Drake – 0 to 100


Photo by me, lets test out some new markers!


Above; Construction site downtown Halifax.

I purchased some new markers today. I’ll follow up on the brand and what I thought about them after the piece is finished. I really just posted to get the image off my phone and onto a desktop where I can print. I’ll check in later 🙂