Check, check and check!

Lists Work. Mostly

Last night me, myself and I had a little talk about how lazy I am getting. My body and I agree that something must be done. And so I made a list of things to do. And I have ACHIEVED great things today. Let’s take a look; Here is my list…

  • Well, I’m gonna start by topping off my run jar for distances already ran.
  • My ass doesn’t like the morning. Solution: pack at night.
  • Tomorrow I am going to ride to work.
  • I am not going to eat garbage take out for breakfast.
  • I’m going to try and consume 355 Milliliters of water or more.
  • I am going to ride home. (Or to my managers meeting if there is one.)
  • I am not going to eat garbage take out for dinner.
  • I am going to check in with my blog, and let you know how I did.

Starting from the top. Ahh ok, so topping off the run jar. I didn’t actually do that lol. That is more of a day off thing. Starting seeecond from the top. I did pack everything the night before. Holy crap did this help. I woke up, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Put my clothes on without thinking or worrying that something was forgotten. It was pure organizational bliss!

I did actually ride to work. It was really beautiful out this morning. Sun shine, a little cool but once ya get going you don’t really notice. Ya know the funny thing is. I often sleep in. Like to the last minute sleep in. But I went to bed at midnight and set my alarm for 7:00 Am; I woke up at 6:41 this morning. That hasn’t happened to me for years. It’s like the planning put my body into a mode of preparedness. I really like how the morning came together.

Breakfast, I did eat out. But! I went to a much nicer place where I could sit down and read the paper. I could check out the news. Listen to the morning hum of the city. I had French Toast but with fresh fruit and the owner gave me two more tangerines free for the road.

Water consumption, this one always gets me. But I drank half my flask today and it’s about a litre in volume. I also had some G2, I did a lot of heavy lifting today and lost a lot of fluids. I know G2 is not the best thing to use for replenishing electrolytes but it’s what I got for now.  I also had a black tea. Not sure where that lands on the healthy scale?

Dinner, I am having salad. Its got kale and berries, some walnuts in it.

And lastly, check in here. Done, done and done.

Day 1. Success!

Rinse and Repeat.



recovery Day X; Satisfaction Guaranteed

When I unplugged my recovery support unit…

I found a whole new world. I am back to work now, most anyone that reads my blog knows I’m now working in the bike industry again. And… I LOVE IT!

I know transitioning is hard, I did it slow. I set 3 Goals, part time work (started at the QEII) then two part time jobs within 6 Months to a Year (I was hired on with FRED 6 Months after the QEII) I then worked for FRED and IDEALBIKES for another 3 – 6 Months and now recovery Day X lands directly on top of full time employment with IDEALBIKES.

I love it, I love my co-workers & my employer is amazing. I mean all workplaces have their hiccups and I am not always the most passive person making grinding gears a touch more common BUT… There is very little stress thanks to the management style of my employer.

I never thought this is where life would land me. I made a plan though, I sat down with my councilors. We started with the simple stuff, wake up in the morning. Shower, brush your teeth. Leave the house and be productive. Every Day! Even if your productivity yields the smallest of rewards.

And you know, I had set backs. I made mistakes. I lapsed once. I learned my life lessons. Here I am, standing at the gates of achievement. The gates have opened and I see nothing but endless opportunity. And it all starts with setting a small goal in the shadow of a bigger picture.

Don’t be scared, step out into the world… But walk at your own pace. Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Be kind to yourself and live to the maximum potential your situation permits. Satisfaction Guaranteed 😉

A New Library? Pff, step into my office…


photo taken from



Welcome to the new Halifax Public Library

Located on Spring Garden Rd. in beautiful downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia this new library has been a buzz! Having been open for a few weeks now I have visited mos def more than half of the days in it’s new life to date. And I intend to continue visiting. This is possibly one of the most functional, inviting and inspiring spaces in Halifax right now. Its a room with a view and a whole lot more.

Step into my office;


photography by Ross W & recovery_channel™

I have to give mad props to the province and whoever else had a hand in designing this space. I find it very difficult to find inspiring spaces to work and I really really, really hate working at home. At home there are too many distractions. In coffee shops there are distractions & expectations that you’re going to also consume while you use. And thats fair, a business is a business. If I’m not consuming really I’m just taking up revenue generating space. What business wants that?  I’ve also tried using free spaces throughout the city ie; the YMCA or Connections and as most of my activities are entrepreneurial in nature it doesn’t really fit their mandate. They don’t often ask me to leave, but they do try and dissuade me from using the resources intended for different purposes.

As you can see in the photo above, taken from the third of four floors there is ample space to be found. I can spread out and the environment has just the right amount of chatter to be distracting in a good way but not overwhelming. There are wide open spaces to sit with friends or strangers and read/work but also they have worked in separate spaces. Hidden gems of comfort where you can work on your own undisturbed. And my favorite part, 120 Minutes of access to beautiful HP desktop computers with brilliant widescreen monitors. Simple log in with your library card. No assistance required, no clumsy more clumsy online booking system of the past. Just pure ease of use. So I take advantage of the situation, the space is there for me to use. I’m gonna use the heck outta it. It wasn’t put there just to look at although it is easy on the eyes.

Added Bonus; a massive, diverse supply of reference material. Priceless asset for an aspiring artist. I’m free to reference as much material as I like. I can spread it out, try my hand at new styles and mediums. This place has become the answer to my prayers. Thanks for getting this one right Halifax!


I had a dream; criminal alien force

My eyes jut open and my body gasps for breath but there is none to be had. Instinctively my head wants to follow my ears to the loud cracking, crushing sounds. I can’t move. Staring into the infinite white of my studio ceiling a prisoner in my own body I watch the shapes and shadows. As though in flight, falling from the sky in a crashing plane debris washes over me. It tumbles and turns, bits of plastic, carbon and steel rain down and splash onto the floor. Shattered glass hums in my ears and the dark shapes appear. People of purpose. I am being visited by criminal minds. Dressed in darkness they do not speak, they make a sound but it’s not of this world. Some sort of code. As they chirp, blip and beep it all becomes apparent. I’ve been paralyzed, they have rendered me a spectator. I can’t speak because the fear paralyses my vocal chords. I can feel the sweat puddle around my body as I struggle to power my will, to power my body, to take control of this chaos.

They are looking for something? No… Just destruction, they lay waste to everything in my tiny space of solitude here on planet earth. It all lays tattered, smashed, broken and ground into near dust.

In through the window they came, somehow silently but with hurricane force. I can see the glint of tiny glass crystals pouring scattered rays of light across the room. Clearly shattered with skill, speed and precision.

They are moving something in. I can only see the shapes as they pass over me, blocking out the light. The shapes are passing as though I’m laying on the tracks. Watching a train pass by from the grounds eye view. I can hear them pouring the contents over and over. Clicking, snap, beeping all the while between each other. It sounds like water rushing over the falls, a near deafening sound.

I am surrounded by them, tall and suspicious. No discerning features. A sort of fictional, factual existence.

Leaving one at a time I counted tens of bodies, quickly shrieking by as they exit the same way they entered. They dispatch with such great speed the entire contents of my studio is vacuumed out the window and in tow of their otherworldly charge from this place.

Immediately I can move, I feel the grounding grip slipping from my limbs. Quickly I stand and crash into the wall. I crash over and over, watching myself out of body fumble around the kitchen. Grasping the stove and the counter, the spinning. I vomit over and over, watching myself in past and present fight this strange temporal loop I’ve been caught up in. Like a small fish in a big current. Sloshing end over end until I’m diminished to crawling on my hands and knees. Dragging my pale face over the floor. I want to see it. I want to see what they were doing. What have they left here?

Groping my way to the closet, in a blurry haze I see a document. Carefully folded like a Chinese fan, together it reads “BLOCKADE” and when unraveled reads nonsense. Words mixed and matched from the past, present and future. Continuously shifting, disappearing with a gentle hush and reappearing in random beeps and bops. Never fixed, always fluid.

Laying, slumped against the wall like a wounded soldier I blindly reach my hand into the closet. Grasping for anything, and something is what I find. It is a block, made of something not from this world. There are thousands of them, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands. Standing in the closet, floor to roof unrestrained. They stand in disarray, appearing to be on the edge of pouring out any moment. The blocks don’t fall, it defies the laws of this planet. Gravity should tear them down into a sea of polished shapes on the floor.

I had a dream.

I ride a bike; I ride road & mountain in Halifax, NS.

Ahhh… There was supposed to be an embed of my ride here lol. Turns out WordPress doesn’t support iframe? Damn. Maybe I need a new bike blog.

long story short I put in just over 30 Km.

I ride a bike; I ride road & mountain. How about you?

See below; a few pics from my ride.



The City of Halifax has been doing a lot of work on one of the recreational trails. Two reasons why, the city is growing and they are putting a large water main under the trail. But… They are also improving the trail, making it wider and laying down a new paved surface. This is a great piece of trail and runs all the out to Mahone Bay. The Above picture gives you an idea of what trail conditions are like up there right now. The trail is closed I believe but on my way by a friendly construction worker denied seeing me and I went about my ride 🙂 They were all finished for the day…


Above; A roadblock lol, not at the beginning of the trail or at the end of the trail but pretty much right in the middle. So add a tiny bit of hiking to my fitness regiment.


I was 100% sure this container is either a construction grade porta-potty or storage for explosives. Explosives cause there was detonation cord laying all over the place on the trail. But the door was open. Turns out it was nothing. Just a container in the middle of nowhere with some scraps of construction material.



Above; Lastly I met this little guy on my way home. I soo rarely see snakes around here and he was moving a bit slow. I think cause it was a bit chilly today. I stuck around to make sure he got across the road fine 🙂 Healthy looking.

All in all a great ride, I hope to have many more like it. I rolled out the red carpet on padded shorts, it really makes the world of difference. This ride was on my commuter bike but I am hoping to soon get back on the road bike and put in some distance. Lots of places in NS I wanna see and I’d love to ride out to my Dads sometime. Its 116 Km, pretty sure I can get that in this summer. Wish me luck. And… I need to look into the mountain biking community here, get out and make some friends!

If your a cyclist and live in the Halifax area, And happen upon this blog entry… Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

I’m writing a bio! Get edited.

I’ve had a chance to get the first draft of my bio edited.

I have a lot of respect and admiration for our Recreation Therapist at Connections. I have made mention of her here on my blog before, Heather MacDonald. She is very accomplished in the arts and has achieved her life goal of performing as a professional dance artist.

After a look over here is the revised version;

Ross Ward, born 1984 in Kentville, Nova Scotia is a Visual Artist producing works primarily in pencil, ink, watercolor, acrylic & mixed media. Self taught and taking a keen interest in the arts at a young age, Ross has spent over fifteen years developing a unique stylized work that is highly recognizable. Ross’ works focus on urban landscapes & social justice themes.

Founder of the “recovery_channel™” brand & blog a large volume of his works are displayed online. His works hang in public at Connections Halifax and have been featured in The Spotlight shows held at The Pavilion on the Halifax Commons. He has also been featured at The Bus Stop Theater Halifax & Artheart community gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

Ross currently lives and produces in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I’m writing a bio!

This is something that has been requested of me a few times, a Bio and a CV.

So here we go; First Draft

Ross Ward, Born 1984 in Kentville, Nova Scotia is a Visual Artist producing works primarily in pencil, ink & watercolor. Experienced also in Acrylic painting & Mixed Media. Self taught, taking an keen interest in the arts at a young age Ward has spent over fifteen years studying artist of interest and developing a unique stylized work, highly recognizable. Founder of the “recovery_channel™” brand and blog a large volume of his works are displayed online. His works hang in public at Connections Halifax and have been featured in The Spotlight shows held at the Pavilion on the Halifax commons. He has also been featured at The Bus Stop Theater Halifax and Artheart community gallery Toronto, Ontario.

Often focused on urban landscapes and community awareness Ward currently lives and produces in Halifax, Nova Scotia.