Art; doodle of the day

Tuesday night @ The Spot


Above; 4Hb Pencil, Microperm 0.3 MM Marker, Tombo Watercolor Markers w/blender, DeSerres Watercolor Markers 0.4 MM, photo edited using Android (color correction) work surface is Canson Watercolor paper 10″ H x 12″ W.

This was a quick doodle while engaging in some friendly conversation at The Spot. Doodling just for the sake of stretching my muscles, brushing the dust off. I really like to draw straight from my imagination. Draw what I see in my sleep or what wanders through my mind in a daydream. I’ve been thinking of trying to storyboard some of my dreams in a sorta comic book fashion. My medications give me great dreams, mostly because I actually sleep. Its amazing the difference real sleep makes. Before my medications I never remembered my dreams, unless they were traumatizing nightmares. Who wants to remember that? Maybe somebody, not I.



doodle of the day; practicing faces & form



Playing with faces and form; Wizard comics model

I really feel like shit this morning. Normally I would sleep uninterrupted till around 1 Pm then maybe grab a bite to eat and go back to bed. This morning I woke up at 8:30 Am with a wicked sore throat and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Couldn’t sleep soo I got doodle of the day out early.

Above; sketches of the human face, expressions and form. Most of it I am happy with. I tried to use watercolor after but not thinking… It didn’t mix well with the water based brush pens I used last night. Everything just bleeds into a pool of fucked up muck. I did my best. I think for an experiment it turned out OK. I really love comic book art, I have no interest in trying to draw things in a photo realistic way. If I wanted that I would just take a picture. Plus I don’t have patience for it. The purpose of this practice is so I can include simple and convincing human forms into my landscapes to improve sense of scale, presence and warmth.

Enjoy. Oh yeah, this has been touched up in my Android photo editor, added a filter bumped the contrast and brightness.

doodle of the day; Untitled



Experimenting w/ Tombo water-based brush pens

I’m planning on reviving “doodle of the day”. I really need to do more sketch type practice material. I would really like to get into including people in my landscapes and possibly portraits. I’m getting a little rusty, the summer is really get’n me charged tho. I’ve been taking a lot of photos and your bound to soon be seeing some of my watercolor landscapes. Ya might even see a few bicycles, I love the old bikes I see around Halifax! People are painting them funky and bright colors to match the brightly painted homes that pepper downtown Halifax. I hope you enjoy and stay plugged in for more 🙂 Feel free to critique, I always enjoy feedback.

This has also been tweaked using Android photo editor. I think I’ll submit to the Android photography group on google+. Curious if it fits the criteria? I’ll find out soon enough.